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Hungary April 2022: Suzuki S-Cross retains lead in market off -16.9%

The Suzuki S-Cross cements its best-seller status in Hungary.

In April, the Hungarian new car and light vehicle market falls -16.9% year-on-year to 10,673 units, meaning the year-to-date tally is now down -14.2% to 43,620. In the PC + LCV charts, Ford takes the lead for the month with 13% share ahead of Suzuki at 12.7%, Toyota at 11.5% and Volkswagen at 8.2%. In the PC-only ranking and over the first 4 months of the year, Suzuki (-19.5%) is #1 above Toyota (+20.2%), Ford (-12.7%), Volkswagen (+12.9%) and Kia (+0.9%). Opel (+90.3%), Ssangyong (+84.2%), Porsche (+44%), Abarth (+70%), Tesla (+3180%) and Cupra (+164%) make themselves noticed with fantastic gains.

Over in the models ranking, the Suzuki S-Cross remains in the overall lead with 6.6% share vs. 6.4% year-to-date, distancing the Suzuki Vitara at 5.3% and the Toyota Corolla at 3.1%. The Kia Ceed follows at 4.8% above the Ford Tourneo Custom, Puma and Transit. The Toyota C-HR, VW T-Roc and Dacia Duster close out the Top 10.

Previous month: Hungary March/Q1 2022: Toyota and Suzuki S-Cross best-seller, volumes down -13.3%

Previous year: Hungary Full Year 2021: Suzuki Vitara sports 6th straight win, Kia up 45% in market off -4.8%

Full April 2022 Top 5 PC + LCV brands, Top 8 PC brands, Top 25 models and Top 50 models YTD below.

Hungary April 2022 – PC + LCV brands:

PosBrandApr-22%4m 2022%PosFY21

Hungary April 2022 – PC brands:

PosBrandApr-224m 2022/21PosFY21
n/aLand Rover2952-71.4%n/a28

Hungary April 2022 – brands:

PosModelApr-22%4m 2022%PosFY21
1Suzuki S-Cross7026.6%2,7966.4%12
2Suzuki Vitara5625.3%1,8884.3%21
3Toyota Corolla3343.1%1,3533.1%38
4Kia Ceed2992.8%1,3353.1%45
5Ford Tourneo Custom2552.4%7031.6%99
6Ford Puma2412.3%6401.5%1213
7Ford Transit2352.2%5581.3%166
8Toyota C-HR2252.1%7921.8%718
9VW T-Roc1841.7%6171.4%1326
10Dacia Duster1741.6%9652.2%54
11Ford Kuga1651.5%6441.5%11n/a
12Ssangyong Korando1591.5%4951.1%2138
13VW Passat1421.3%3680.8%2824
14Kia Sportage1401.3%5921.4%1410
15Renault Master1401.3%5481.3%17n/a
16Skoda Octavia1351.3%9622.2%67
17Toyota Yaris1351.3%7701.8%814
18Toyota Hilux1221.1%4961.1%20n/a
19Ford Ranger1221.1%4761.1%22n/a
20Skoda Superb1151.1%3730.9%2734
21VW T-Cross1101.0%4080.9%2529
22Toyota RAV41051.0%6571.5%1016
23Opel Mokka1041.0%3470.8%29n/a
24Hyundai i301010.9%4110.9%2421
25Toyota Yaris Cross860.8%5781.3%15n/a

Hungary 4 months 2022 – models:

PosModel4m 2022%FY21
1Suzuki S-Cross2,7966.4%2
2Suzuki Vitara1,8884.3%1
3Toyota Corolla1,3533.1%8
4Kia Ceed1,3353.1%5
5Dacia Duster9652.2%4
6Skoda Octavia9622.2%7
7Toyota C-HR7921.8%18
8Toyota Yaris7701.8%14
9Ford Tourneo Custom7031.6%9
10Toyota RAV46571.5%16
11Ford Kuga6441.5%n/a
12Ford Puma6401.5%13
13VW T-Roc6171.4%26
14Kia Sportage5921.4%10
15Toyota Yaris Cross5781.3%n/a
16Ford Transit5581.3%6
17Renault Master5481.3%n/a
18Opel Astra K5351.2%36
19Fiat 5005171.2%3
20Toyota Hilux4961.1%n/a
21Ssangyong Korando4951.1%38
22Ford Ranger4761.1%n/a
23Ford Focus4511.0%20
24Hyundai i304110.9%21
25VW T-Cross4080.9%29
26Hyundai Tucson3810.9%15
27Skoda Superb3730.9%34
28VW Passat3680.8%24
29Opel Mokka3470.8%n/a
30Volvo XC603240.7%39
31Ford Ecosport3210.7%40
32Ford Transit Custom3040.7%48
33Skoda Kodiaq3010.7%27
34Opel Crossland2960.7%22
35Skoda Scala2940.7%31
36Volvo XC402630.6%35
37Dacia Sandero2620.6%25
38Mercedes Sprinter2610.6%n/a
39VW Golf2550.6%32
40Hyundai Kona2530.6%28
41VW Polo2460.6%n/a
42Dacia Lodgy2450.6%19
43BMW X52450.6%n/a
44Renault Clio2420.6%41
45BMW 3 Series2370.5%50
46Toyota Proace City Verso2360.5%23
47Kia Niro2320.5%33
48Citroen C32270.5%n/a
49Nissan Qashqai2210.5%17
50Fiat Ducato2200.5%n/a

Source: Datahouse, many thanks to Csaba

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  1. Suzuki is very underappreciated in Europe. On other hand India, Pakistan and Japan know very well what Suzuki is capable of!

    1. Europeans (mostly the french and germans) are very chauvinistic but now they are finally start to buy non european vehicles because of the chip crisis.

      1. “Europeans (mostly the french and germans) are very chauvinistic”.

        Wow, I take a bow!
        No doubt you did proper & objective research prior to sharing your wisdom with us mortals, ain’t that right?

      2. The Japanese/South Koreans don’t buy many European cars because our manufactureurs don’t have factories there. But they have a lot of factories in Europe and their sales were still small until last year. Only now the europeans are starting to buy Kia/Hyundai/Toyota etc vehicles in decent numbers.

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