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Vietnam January – February 2022: Hyundai Accent and Toyota Corolla Cross shine in market up 27.6%

The Toyota Corolla Cross is #1 in Vietnam in February. 

In January, according to local association VAMA, new vehicle sales in Vietnam are up 16.3% year-on-year to 30,742 units. This figure climbs to 40,273 (+14.1%) when adding Hyundai and VinFast who report separately from VAMA. Hyundai takes the lead of the brands ranking with 18.4% share, distancing Thaco-Kia at 16.7% and Toyota at 15.8%. VinFast is #7 with 5.2% share. Model-wise, the Hyundai Accent (+33.3%) is the best-seller above the Honda City (+10.5%), Toyota Corolla Cross (+101.1%) and Kia Seltos (+18.3%). Leader over the Full Year 2021, the VinFast Fadil (-19.8%) is down to #7 for the month. 

In February, VAMA figures show a market up 67.8% to 22,802 units and a year-to-date tally up 33.8% to 53,544. These figures climb to 28,129 (+53.5%) for the month and 68,402 (+27.6%) year-to-date when adding Hyundai and VinFast who report separately from VAMA. In the manufacturers ranking, Thaco-Kia (+96.8%) is in charge above Toyota (+77.9%) and Hyundai (+38.1%). Mazda (+71.4%), Honda (+42.9%) and Mitsubishi (+80.7%) are in tow, whereas VinFast (-32.8%) sinks year-on-year and remains at #7 vs. #4 over the Full Year 2021.

The Toyota Corolla Cross (+87.1%) takes the lead of the models ranking for February ahead of the Kia Seltos (+24%) up two spots on January to #2. The Toyota Vios (+113.2%) is also up two to #3 while the Kia K3 (+263.5%) is up six to #4. The Mazda CX-5 (+91.3%) is up four to #4, distancing last month’s leader the Hyundai Accent (+9.4%). The Hyundai Grand i10 (+92.4%) slices its January ranking in two to land in 7th place. Notice also the Kia Carnival (+902.5%) and Hyundai Santa Fe (+92.5%) posting stellar gains in the remainder of the Top 10. The VinFast Fadil is down to a paltry #12.

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Full January and February 2022 Top 18 All-manufacturers and Top 67 models below.

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