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Media post: How To Increase the Value Of Your Car

Are you thinking of reselling your car in the near future? If so, you’ll definitely want to ensure you’re getting the highest respective value so you can upgrade to a newer model or just make some extra cash.

If you have kept your car in good condition over the time you have owned it, you may start out with a pretty good asking price. However, regardless of the current condition of your car, there are a few things you can do to increase its value and get more money for your vehicle.

Make Repairs

The first, and maybe the most obvious, is that you can make repairs on any damage your car currently has. Have a cracked windshield? Call an auto glass technician for a repair or replacement. Or have you been driving around with a broken taillight? You may want to take that into the shop to get replaced as well.

These small outstanding repairs, if left unchecked, may quickly add up to potentially decrease the resale value of your car. A buyer could look at any type of damage as a big deal-breaker, and remember, buyers will look for anything to try to knock a few bucks off of the asking price. If you notice that you have any warning lights lit up on the dashboard, it’s a sure sign to have those things checked out before putting your car on the market.

Polish Aesthetics

If your car is looking a little dull and dreary, you may want to add a little sparkle in order to catch potential buyers’ eyes. There are quite a few ways you can “zhuzh” up your car to increase its value and that won’t break the bank.

If you have faded paint, you may want to consider waxing and polishing your car to its former glory. Wheels also play a big role in the look of your car, so take a look to see if your wheels are looking nice and shiny or dull and grimy. If it’s the latter, it’s advised that you clean out the dirtiness so that your tires can have that eye-catching shine.

Have Your Documents Ready

You need to be sure you have all the proper documentation for your car before you sell it. This means keeping service records and receipts from any kind of updates or repairs you have made.

If you can, gather as much documentation from when you first bought the car in order to verify key information like the purchase price or the former history of the car if you yourself bought it used. If you have any insurance claims, it’s important to have that handy as well.

Upgrade Your Ride

Some types of upgrades can raise your car’s resale value depending on how valuable they are. It’s important to research before investing in these updates because sometimes, they won’t have as steep of an impact as you would have hoped.

For example, upgrading your information and entertainment systems to have Bluetooth ability and connecting to your cell phone will drive up your car’s price. Safety features are also great for raising your car’s resale value, such as backup cameras. Other types of upgrades like GPS devices and tinted windows generally won’t have a huge impact on the price.

In Conclusion

The amount of money your car is worth depends mainly on its condition at the time of selling. It’s important to know what your car’s resale value is so you can receive the best deal.

If you plan on doing any of the things listed above, be sure to find out if your plan will increase the value of your car significantly before spending time and money.

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