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Media post: Honda Amaze Car Price: Detailed Breakdown According to City and Factors

Are you in search of a compact sedan? If that’s the case, the Honda Amaze is a great choice. The vehicle is the perfect epitome of practicality and exceptional design. With impressive features at your rescue, this car can be a reliable ride on urban roads. Dive deeper into this article to get details about the price of the Honda Amaze before going ahead with your purchase.

Insights into the Price of the Honda Amaze

When it comes to the Amaze car price, there are two types: ex-showroom and on-road prices. Remember that the ex-showroom price does not concern the additional expenses associated with purchasing a vehicle; it only showcases the exact price of the car.

You will need to know the on-road price of the car if you want to understand how much you will have to actually spend. The on-road price will always be greater than the ex-showroom valuation because it factors in aspects like taxes, registration charges, and more. Check out the prices of the different Honda Amaze variants in the top six Indian cities:

Honda Amaze VariantOn-Road Price (Bangalore)On-Road Price (Chennai)On-Road Price (Delhi)On-Road Price (Hyderabad)On-Road Price (Mumbai)On-Road Price (Noida)
1.2 E MT PetrolRs 8.75 LRs 8.66 LRs 8.16 LRs 8.58 LRs 8.50 LRs 8.12 L
1.2 S MT PetrolRs 9.50 LRs 9.47 LRs 8.81 LRs 9.27 LRs 9.18 LRs 8.78 L
1.2 S-R MT PetrolRs 9.74 LRs 9.66 LRs 8.88 LRs 9.41 LRs 9.24 LRs 9.01 L
1.2 S CVT PetrolRs 10.56 LRs 10.54 LRs 9.80 LRs 10.32 LRs 10.20 LRs 9.85 L
1.2 S-R CVT PetrolRs 10.73 LRs 10.72 LRs 9.94 LRs 10.46 LRs 10.27 LRs 9.94 L
1.2 VX MT PetrolRs 10.81 LRs 10.79 LRs 10.04 LRs 10.57 LRs 10.52 LRs 10.02 L
1.2 VX-R MT PetrolRs 10.98 LRs 10.98 LRs 10.20 LRs 10.74 LRs 10.62 LRs 10.12 L
Elite EditionRs 10.99 LRs 11.02 LRs 10.31 LRs 10.91 LRs 10.71 LRs 10.38 L
1.2 VX CVT PetrolRs 11.78 LRs 11.77 LRs 10.94 LRs 11.52 LRs 11.38 LRs 10.93 L
1.2 VX-R CVT PetrolRs 11.95 LRs 11.95 LRs 11.11 LRs 11.70 LRs 11.65 LRs 11.03 L
Elite Edition CVTRs 11.96 LRs 12.00 LRs 11.22 LRs 11.86 LRs 11.76 LRs 11.35 L

Factors Affecting the On-Road Price of the Honda Amaze in Different Indian Cities

Find out why the on-road price of the same car varies across different parts of India:

– Registration Charges: Driving a car on Indian roads requires you to register it with the Regional Transport Office. Usually, the dealer will register the vehicle, and the charges will be included in the on-road price. However, the registration charge is different in every state. Once the registration is complete, you will get a number displayed on your car’s number plate. Remember that you must pay more if you want a fancy number on your plate.

– Road Tax: Every car owner pays a tax for driving on Indian roads. This amount is usually around 3-20% of the vehicle’s ex-showroom price, but the exact percentage will vary according to your state.

– Logistics Charges: Dealers must transport your new vehicle from their warehouse to your doorstep. Transportation charges will definitely vary across cities. Therefore, this is an important factor in the on-road price of a vehicle in different parts of the country.

– Insurance Charges: In India, having car insurance is not just about safety. You are legally bound to invest in automobile insurance. The risk of accidents and car damage is high in big cities because of more traffic. Additionally, there might be a risk of theft. The rates of car insurance policies will vary according to the city. This expense will be added to the on-road price, depending on the city.

– Annual Maintenance Package: You can invest in annual maintenance packages while purchasing your Honda Amaze. In big cities, the charges will definitely be higher, and on-road prices will rise because of this.

– Accessories: The on-road price of a Honda Amaze variant can also differ across cities because of the cost of accessories. While some are mandatory, you can also invest in additional accessories for your vehicle.


Have you finally understood why the same Honda Amaze variant’s cost differs from city to city? Find out the on-road price of the car in your city and make your purchase today.

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