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Kuwait 9 months 2021: Nissan Sunny, Chevrolet Captiva impress in market up 38.2%

The Chevrolet Captiva is #5 in Kuwait so far this year.

New vehicle sales in Kuwait surge 38.2% year-on-year over the first 9 months of 2021 to 76,854 units. Toyota (+7.5%) significantly trails the market but remains the runaway leader at 28.9% share. Nissan (+100.9%) more than doubles its sales year-on-year to reach 11.7% share, with Chevrolet (+53.3%) and Mitsubishi (+61.9%) also very dynamic. MG (+72.4%), Honda (+44.2%) and Ford (+42.6%) also beat the market in the remainder of the Top 10 whereas Hyundai (+24.7%) and Lexus (+18.2%) can’t quite manage that feat. Further down, notice Geely (+150.9%), Cadillac (+111%), Land Rover (+109.8%), Lincoln (+95.5%), Suzuki (+93.4%), Jeep (+86.8%), Renault (+81.5%) and Mazda (+81.3%) all posting fantastic gains.

Model-wise, the Toyota Land Cruiser (+20.6%) remains the most popular vehicle in the country at 7.5% share, with the Nissan Sunny (+188.5%) and Toyota Camry (+2.9%) completing the podium. The Nissan Patrol (+112.8%) also shines at #4 while the Chevrolet Captiva (+152.7%) breaks into the Top 5 for the first time at #5. The Toyota Hiace (+84.3%), Mitsubishi Pajero (+55%) and Toyota Hilux (+53.1%) also outpace the market in the remainder of the Top 10. Below, the Land Rover Defender (+354.1%), Honda Civic (+111.9%) and Hyundai Tucson (+81.1%) impress. The Geely Tugella (#49) is the best-selling recent launch (<12 months) above the Nissan Xterra (#71), Great Wall Poer (#94), Mitsubishi Xpander (#95) and Haval H6 (#96).

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