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Media post: A Beginner’s Guide to Off-Road Driving

Maybe you’ve just gotten your first off-road vehicle or you’d like to get into off-roading and you have no clue where to start. If you’re wondering where you can find some great trails or where you can learn more, you’re in luck. There is a large off-road driving community that loves to offer helpful tips to those who are new to the pastime.

Clubs and Organizations

Now that you’ve got your Toyota Hiace 4X4, you’re ready to get dirty. There are virtual forums that you can join as well as in-person clubs and organizations that you can join. Local clubs often have beginner days where they offer training runs. These runs are usually supervised by experienced off-roaders who enjoy showing newcomers the ropes. Becoming part of an off-roading community can do a lot to boost your confidence and knowledge. There are plenty of groups to choose from, so be sure to check out a few before making a decision. You’ll find some groups are for different age groups, families, women, etc.


Once you’ve joined a club or have an experienced off-roader on your side, it’s time to take your vehicle out and see what it can do. Once you have an idea of your limitations or identify places where you’d like to see improvements, you can start to modify your off-road vehicle. Perhaps you need different tyres or adjustments to your suspension. Joining vehicle specific forums can be extremely helpful when it comes to making mods. You’ll learn which ones set off a chain reaction. That’s when one modification requires another mod and so on. Vehicle specific mechanics are equally as important as vehicle specific groups. Specialized mechanics will know the ins and outs of your vehicle and are likely going to offer you the best advice and service.

Off-Road Trails

What fun is having an off-road vehicle if you’re not going to go off-road? There are several ways to go about finding off-road trails. Other than asking around, you can find trails with the DLGSC of Western Australia, the National Parks Service and in various guide books. There are also plenty of off-roading parks where you can ride. You may have to pay to use some of these areas, but there are also places where you can ride for free. Off-roading parks are a great place to get started because they offer curated spaces and varying degrees of difficulty that are clearly marked.


It helps to know what you need to bring for your ride. You don’t want to be caught unprepared. Some of the most common things you’ll want to have on hand include:

  • Tow hooks and tow straps.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • Roll cage.
  • Full size spare tyre and jack.
  • Basic tool set.
  • Flashlight
  • First aid kit.
  • Vehicle fluids.
  • Water and snacks.
  • GPS and communication device.

Off-road driving is a lot of fun. Not only will you grow your appreciation of the hobby, but also your connection to the elements. Don’t worry, soon enough you’ll be able to spot a possible off-roading trail as easily as spotting a deer on the side of the road.

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