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Media post: 5 Ways You Can Protect Your New Car Investment

An auto investment might be negligible compared to a home purchase. However, it is still one of the few big investments you’ll make in your lifetime. You likely even need to pay your car off in installments over the next few years. All in all, a new vehicle can be quite a sizable investment for you.

To get a new car, you can either buy a brand-new vehicle or go the used route. A new-to-you vehicle can provide an excellent alternative as long as you know how to shop for one. Of course, you also need to protect yourself from possible expensive repairs and replacements by getting a used car or extended car warranty. So it’s important to find a reputable insurer by going through online reviews like Endurance warranty reviews.

A manufacturer’s warranty or an extended car warranty will help you in case your new car needs major repairs. Aside from this step, there are other ways you can ensure that your new car investment stays protected.

Get Insured

Not all insurance companies are the same. Find one that doesn’t limit your mileage, offers agreed-on value, and lets you choose the best repair shop for the job. If your car is damaged, you’ll want it repaired to factory specifications using quality parts and components.

While many of the tips on this list will save you a few hundreds of dollars, GAP insurance can save you thousands of dollars if someone steals your car or is involved in an accident. If you bought your car with a financial product such as a personal contract purchase (PCP), you’re almost in a situation where your debt to the finance company exceeds the value of your car.

If your car is totaled, your car insurance check will almost not cover the amount you owe to the finance company. You may be thousands of dollars short. GAP insurance will cover the difference to ensure you can pay off your car loan debt without having to come up with the money yourself.

Proper Maintenance

Many car owners have the terrible habit of not getting their car serviced regularly. It is understandable why – it costs a lot and does not have a lot to show for the price. But getting your car serviced is crucial, as this will ensure that your car keeps running smoothly

Regular maintenance will ensure that any mechanical failure is caught at the earliest, and repaired without costing too much. Some insurance providers may also void your coverage if you do not get your vehicle serviced according to its schedule.

If you keep up with your maintenance, your car will last for a long time and fetch a better value when you sell it. Maintaining the interior of your car, like the exterior, is a sure-fire way to safeguard its value when selling it or returning it to the finance company.

Non-smoking car buyers are not looking for a 1980s pub experience when purchasing their next vehicle, so smoking in your vehicle is guaranteed to reduce its resale value. Besides being harmful to your health, cigarette smoke penetrates upholstery, and its smell is almost impossible to remove.

You don’t want to bring your vehicle to any mechanic, especially when you have an expensive classic car. When dealing with an older car model, you’ll need to find a mechanic specializing in older vehicle maintenance. Seek out an experienced, dependable mechanic familiar with your vehicle’s make, model, and year.

Protect It From the Sun

Your car’s interior temperature can go up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit, while its exterior can reach 200 degrees Fahrenheit when exposed to the sun for a long period of time. This can cause damaging effects to the engine and battery. Whether your car is new or old, it needs protection against the heat and sun.

Here are a few tips that you can use to protect your car’s interior and exterior from high temperatures caused by sun exposure:

  • Park in a shade
  • Install seat covers
  • Use a windshield sun protector
  • Wash and dry it more often
  • Apply conditioner to leather seats

Apply Ceramic Paint Protection

There are many things that can damage your car’s paint, including UV rays and particles from the environment. If you want to keep it beautiful and shiny for a long time, then you should give it ceramic paint protection. This is an optional treatment offered when buying a new car. The ceramic paint forms a stronger chemical bond compared to other methods of paint protection such as waxing.  Paint protection is a good decision especially if you:

  • Have a lot of trees in your yard
  • Have long daily commutes
  • Take long road trips during the weekend.

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