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Media post: Five Ways to Make your Car a Little More Luxurious

Most of us wish we had a more luxurious car. Whether you have your eye on a modern Tesla or you love the 2010 Turbo because it was the last manual six speed transmission manufactured by Porsche, most of us have our eye on a car we know we will probably never own.

Although you may not have tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to shell out on the luxury car of your dreams, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy driving your existing car a little more! There are simple things you can do to make your existing car look and feel a little more luxurious, even if you’re just driving a Toyota Corolla.

Keep it Clean

One of the quickest, easiest, and most affordable things you can do when it comes to making your car look and feel nicer is to keep it clean.

Dirty, messy cars automatically feel old and cheap. Keep a container in your car for garbage so old receipts and straw wrappers don’t end up strewn all over your cabin. Dust the console often, shake out sandy floor mats, and drive through the car wash to keep the exterior clean.

Not only will your car feel more luxurious when it’s clean, it can also keep your car looking new for longer. Keeping things clean will prevent stains in the cabin and rust on the body of your vehicle that will make your car look old and dingy.

Pay For Car Wash Extras

Although many car wash extras aren’t exactly necessary, they can make your car feel a lot fancier than it is.

Pay a little extra to have your car waxed. Hand waxing is the best, but even a spray-on wax will do. It’s purely cosmetic, and it will wear off eventually, but it will make you sit up a little straighter and feel a little more proud to drive your vehicle.

Many car owners skip having the wheels cleaned because they’re just going to get dirty again anyway, but if you want to feel special driving your car, it’s definitely worth the expense. A clean exterior with clean tires makes any car seem brand-new and well-loved.

Cover the Interior

You can tell a luxury car when you see one from the outside, but you can tell a vehicle is luxury-class by looking at the inside too. If your interior doesn’t meet your expectations, cover it up!

There are a lot of things you can cover in and on your car to make it look a little fancier. A few ideas include:

Upgrade the Tech

Modern luxury cars have cranked up the tech. It’s true that there are some features you just aren’t going to be able to enjoy unless you shell out the cash for a fancy car, but many of the most popular tech in cars today can be purchased separately and installed in older vehicles.

For example, you can purchase a backup camera that can be installed in your existing vehicle. You can install a collision avoidance system, and you can get the stereo you have always wanted with Apple CarPlay. It allows you to add features like Bluetooth connectivity, streaming music, and navigation to your car without having to spend money on a new one.

Focus on the Ride

Much of what makes a luxury car feel luxury is what you can’t see. Luxury cars drive smoothly, making them a more comfortable way to get around.

You can make your car feel like a higher end model if you know which parts to update. Shocks and struts can be replaced to make the ride feel smoother. If you have a little car know-how, you may be able to change them yourself. Worn bushings can make your car vibrate and squeak. By replacing them, you can get a smoother ride.

Is your car sounding a little loud, and not in a good way? You can minimize the sound of your car in the cabin by using sound deadening mats on the floor, on the roof, and on the doors.

Nothing compares to driving a luxury car, but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to feel completely disappointed every time you sit behind the wheel! Follow these tips to make your car look and feel a little more luxurious while you dream of buying the real thing.

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