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Media post: Everything to do when you’re locked out of Your Car

It’s quite frustrating when you get locked out of your car. Since such situations occur unexpectedly, you’ve to remain calm and avoid doing something that could worsen your existing situation. Collect yourself and stay calm as you think of effective ways to unlock your car more successfully. Here are some of the professional tips that can help you get back to your locked car.

Try to Troubleshoot Your Locks

You can still try to find your way back by checking all the car doors no matter what led to your lockout. There might be a door that was never closed properly, whether your key is inside or lost. Check every door or window since you might come across the one which wasn’t locked successfully. Use that unlocked door or window to retrieve your car key.

After retrieving your key, ensure you fix the malfunctioning lock to avoid any car break-ins. You can try other lock cylinders of your vehicle if your car door lock is not properly functioning. Try to unlock your car while inside using a trunk. Don’t rely too much on your car remote; instead, use a physical key to unlock your door.

Contact a Family Member or a Friend

Don’t hesitate to give a call to your family members or friends whenever you’re caught in such a trying situation. They might offer some help to get you out of such troubles. You might double up your troubles if you try to seek help from strangers. Some strangers can never be trusted the same way you trust your friends and loved ones.

Your friend can bring any helpful tool that can help unlock your car. Think of that person who can bring you a spare key if you’ve left it at home. Apart from bringing the spare key, they can bring anything that would help you unlock your car. They can also help you in troubleshooting or give you company.

Call for Professional Assistance

Seeking professional help can be the best idea to help you get out of such sticky situations. Think of auto locksmith services; they’re available in normal conditions and available during car lock emergencies. When you run out of any assistance, get professional help from car locksmith Toronto. They provide round-the-clock services to car locking and all other locksmith services.

Also, ensure you know where your car is. You can use a GPS function to enable any assistance to reach you. A car locksmith can open your car without causing any harm or damage to your car. They can fix any broken locks and provide you with new keys if you’ve broken or lost them. When it comes to experts, locksmiths are very excellent and have clean records in making key duplicates and unlocking any car.

Call for Security Assistance

Think of your safety first when caught in such a situation. With the rising car theft cases, you can fall into such a situation if you fail to reach any security agency, especially if you’re in the middle of the road trip yet you aren’t familiar with the place. Besides keeping you safe until your car lock situation is resolved, they can also help you unlock your car because they always carry a car opener tool kit when responding to such situations.

Calling in for police assistance should never be a priority not unless you’re in danger. If you’re safe, don’t bother to contact any security agency, instead, look for other options.

Check if You Can Avail of Roadside Aid

If no one has come into your assistance, there are various ways in which you can check if roadside assistance is available for you. You can ask your insurance agent if they provide roadside assistance in their insurance policy. If they do, they can contact your car insurance company to get help on your behalf, or you can as well contact the insurance company by yourself if you have the information ahead of time.

You can also get help from an auto club organization, but only if you’re a member of the said organization. Auto clubs offer programs that can help you get back to your locked car. Don’t also forget to check on your warranty services, especially if your car is new. Car dealers can help you solve your unfortunate situation.


Numerous ways are available to open your locked car. You can consider contacting car locksmith Toronto to help you unlock your car whenever your car key gets lost or broken.

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