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Belgium July 2021: Market freefalls -38%, BMW (-24.4%) back in charge, Hyundai (-1.2%), Audi (-8.8%) resist

Hyundai is up to #5, with sales down just -1.2% in a market off -38%

It’s a horrendous month for new car sales in Belgium, down by a damning -38% year-on-year to just 27.596 units, keeping in mind July 2020 volumes were already down -1.3% on the year prior. As a result the year-to-date tally tilts into negative at -0.4% to 259.987 units. Clear leader year-to-date but eclipsed by Volkswagen last month, BMW (-24.4%) returns to the brands top spot in July with 10.2% share, in line with its YTD level of 10.3%. Audi (-8.8%) manages to keep its year-on-year loss into the single digits to stay in 2nd place with 9.8% share, well above the 7.3% it commands year-to-date. Volkswagen (-43.4%) implodes in third place, followed by Mercedes (-21.5%). Hyundai (-1.2%) scores the best hold in the Top 10 and Top 30 and climbs 7 spots on June to #5 overall vs. #13 so far this year. In the remainder of the Top 10, Toyota (-17.6%) and Opel (-21.6%) contain their fall somewhat but Peugeot (-60.5%), Dacia (-50.1%) and Ford (-43.6%) all freefall. None more so than Renault (-77.9%) down to a paltry 15th place for the month vs. #4 over the Full Year 2020 and #6 so far in 2021… All remaining Top 30 carmakers fall by the double-digits, with Mazda (-13.3%), Mini (-15.8%) and Lexus (-16.1%) resisting best. Newcomer Cupra is up two spots on June to #30, while Aston Martin (+250%), Polestar (+140.9%), Bentley (+75%), Lamborghini (+66.7%) and Ferrari (+43.8%) among rare gainers below.

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