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Media post: Is Riding a Motorcycle Safe in Singapore?

Riding a motorcycle can be an enjoyable, convenient, and fast way to get around — and Singaporeans might find that they are able to beat traffic on a motorbike, too. Is riding a motorcycle safe in Singapore, though? The “straight to the point” reply to this question, which everyone who is considering riding a motorcycle will ask themselves, is simple enough. You, yourself, play a large part in determining the safety of riding a motorcycle, by choosing the best motorbike and protective gear and riding your motorcycle responsibly. On the other hand, riding a motorcycle is also associated with inherent risks that you cannot change. That is one prime reason why it is so crucial to arm yourself with the best motorbike insurance, so that you will be protected by full coverage if you were to be in an accident.

Since the factors that influence how safe it is to ride a motorbike in Singapore are more complex, however, this question deserves to be explored in more detail.

Driving a Car vs Riding a Motorcycle: Which is More Dangerous in Singapore?

Singapore’s reputation as a safe country is well-deserved on the road, too — whether you are riding a motorcycle or driving a car, Singapore suffers fewer road traffic accidents than other large metropolitan areas, such as Seoul, Hong Kong, or London. When collisions do happen in Singapore, on the other hand, they are more likely to be deadly in nature; and although cars are more often involved in accidents, motorcycle crashes have a higher risk of leading to catastrophic injuries.

As a motorcyclist, you face some immutable risks. When a collision happens, for instance, car drivers are, at least to some extent, protected by the structure of the vehicle itself as well as by seat belts. Motorbike drivers not only miss out on this built-in extra protection, but they are also, due to their smaller size (and sometimes faster speed) harder to spot by other drivers. Because of this, Singapore sees approximately 3,500 motorcycle accidents during an average year, and around 500 of those will involve severe injuries. Bone fractures and skull injuries are the most common serious injuries motorcyclists will sustain in Singapore when they are in an accident. Not all these accidents also include other road users, as some motorcyclists will collide with stationary objects or slip. In some motorcycle accidents, on the other hand, third parties will also be injured, whether or not the motorcyclist was at fault.

How Can You Protect Yourself as a Motorcyclist in Singapore?

Opting to ride a modern sport motorcycle equipped with an anti-lock braking system at lower speeds and being a careful, responsible, motorcyclist is the number one way to increase your safety on the road while riding a motorbike in Singapore. Avoid the fast lane. Your safety is worth more than the extra speed.

It is, likewise, essential to take additional steps to remain safe in rainy weather conditions when you are a motorcyclist in Singapore. As a motorcyclist, you can implement several proactive measures to make this possible. The first one is to increase your visibility by wearing reflective clothing. The second is to ensure that you frequently stop to wipe your high-quality helmet when raindrops obstruct your vision. If you need to, simply pull over. Make sure your motorcycle is serviced regularly, as well.

The harsh reality of riding a motorcycle, or driving a car for that matter, in Singapore or anywhere else, is that accidents can happen even if safety is your top priority. By owning and driving a motorbike in Singapore, you face other risks, too. Your motorcycle could break down and you may require urgent roadside assistance. Your motorbike could be stolen, and there have even been cases where motorcycles have been vandalised in Singapore.

Because you never know what unforeseen circumstances await you as a motorcylist in Singapore, one of the best steps you can take to protect yourself even if you were to encounter a serious peril is to purchase comprehensive motorbike insurance. By investing in full insurance coverage for motorcyclists in Singapore, you are covered if you were to injure someone else or damage third party property. You are covered if your motorcycle is stolen or vandalised, and you and your motorbike are both covered if you were to be in a road traffic accident. Besides riding your bike safely and responsibly, and investing in the right gear, arming yourself with excellent motorbike insurance is the best thing you can do to protect yourself.

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