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South Africa September 2020: Suzuki (+14.3%), Toyota Hilux (+24.7%) break records in reeling market (-23.9%)

The S-Presso is Suzuki’s best-selling model in South Africa.

Two months after the national Covid-19 lockdown was eased, new vehicle sales in South Africa remain well below their year-ago level with September volumes off -23.9% year-on-year to 37.403, leading to a year-to-date tally down -33.2% to 265.943. Passenger cars are down -31.2% to 22.798 but Light Commercials fare markedly better at -8.9% to 12.267. Exports lag -23.9% to 28.704. In the manufacturers ranking, Toyota (-20.7%) resists slightly better than the market and lifts to 25.2% share vs. 23.1% YTD, unlike the VW Group (-36.8%) still in dire straits at #2 with 14.6% share vs. 16.6% in 2020. Ford (-21.1%) also does ok given the context but it’s Suzuki (+14.3%)  hat manages the only year-on-year gain among carmakers holding over 0.5% share, even hitting a new all-time volume record at 1.787, eclipsing its previous best of 1.696 hit last February. Kia (-4.6%) and Hyundai (-7.2%) also hold very strongly in the remainder of the Top 10.

Just as the facelifted model is about to launch in October, the Toyota Hilux (+24.7%) breaks its all-time South African share record for the second time in the past 3 months at 11.4% thanks to 4.252 sales, its highest volume since October 2019. Although there’s no doubt this result has been helped by aggressive deals on the outgoing model, it also means that the last 3 months coincided with the highest 3 market shares ever reached by the Hilux in South Africa: 11.4% in September, 11% in July and 10.8% in August, with the previous best being 10.4% in June 2019. The Ford Ranger (-5.7%) is back up to #2 above the VW Polo Vivo (-36.2%), Polo (-44.2%) and Nissan NP200 (-50.3%). The outgoing Toyota Etios (+34.4%), Nissan NP300 (+27.7%) and Toyota Fortuner (-0.8%) also impress in the remainder of the Top 10 while the Suzuki S-Presso (538) tops recent launches above the Hyundai Venue (362) and Kia Seltos (318). As for exports, the Ford Ranger (6.995) leads the way above the VW Polo (6.344), Mercedes C-Class (6.105) and BMW X3 (4.773).

Previous month: South Africa August 2020: Isuzu (+35.5%) and D-Max (+47.4%) defy market stuck at -26.3%

One year ago: South Africa September 2019: Suzuki (+37.2%) shines, VW T-Cross up to #13 in 5th straight market fall (-1%)

Full September 2020 Top 38 All-manufacturers, Top 10 models and sales for selected 75 models below.

South Africa September 2020 – manufacturers:

2Volkswagen Group5,45814.6%-36.8%244,02816.6%-31.9%22
11BMW Group1,1513.1%-14.7%116,9962.6%-39.6%1111
15Volvo Trucks4131.1%-20.1%152,8911.1%-23.3%1516
16Jaguar Land Rover3130.8%-2.8%162,0900.8%-31.6%1717
20Great Wall Motors1760.5%-2.2%221,1520.4%-32.4%2123
21FAW Trucks1650.4%73.7%231,0040.4%20.2%2329
22Fiat Chrysler Group1500.4%-8.0%191,4650.6%0.1%1820
25Volvo Cars1310.4%-32.8%249730.4%-43.7%2521
34VECV South Africa260.1%160.0%34880.0%-19.3%3434
35Ferrari (Scuderia)170.0%183.3%35620.0%14.8%3537

South Africa September 2020 – models:

1Toyota Hilux4,25211.4%24.7%123,6728.9%-23.4%1
2Ford Ranger2,1885.8%-5.7%312,4884.7%-36.3%3
3VW Polo Vivo1,6214.3%-36.2%413,2355.0%-41.1%2
4VW Polo1,2993.5%-44.2%511,9034.5%-30.0%4
5Nissan NP2001,1183.0%-50.3%76,1042.3%-59.7%5
6Toyota Hiace1,0182.7%-31.3%67,1822.7%56.8%11
7Isuzu D-Max9382.5%-21.6%29,2293.5%-17.7%6
8Toyota Fortuner9112.4%-0.8%85,5072.1%-38.7%8
9Toyota Etios8092.2%34.4%114,3081.6%-30.5%10
10Nissan NP3006371.7%27.7%93,2471.2%-46.6%16
n/aSuzuki S-Presso5381.4%newn/a1,9030.7%new –
n/aSuzuki Swift5331.4%-7.9%133,2721.2%-28.4%23
n/aKia Picanto4861.3%-37.3%n/a2,1750.8%-58.4%19
n/aVW Polo Sedan4661.2%-14.7%n/a2,5821.0%-19.2%28
n/aVW T-Cross4461.2%-44.9%n/a2,6951.0%214.5%40
n/aHyundai Grand i104361.2%-40.8%103,8131.4%-45.3%13
n/aVW Tiguan4281.1%-32.3%n/a2,4600.9%-46.4%20
n/aHyundai i203961.1%-33.4%n/a2,5631.0%-51.6%17
n/aHyundai Creta3771.0%9.0%n/a9800.4%-58.6%36
n/aHyundai Venue3621.0%newn/a2,0630.8%new156
n/aKia Seltos3180.9%newn/a1,6980.6%new129
n/aMahindra Scorpio3160.8%11.3%n/a1,6940.6%-30.1%43
n/aKia Rio3020.8%4.1%n/a1,3230.5%-51.6%33
n/aVW Golf2760.7%-1.4%n/a1,4740.6%-50.2%34
n/aToyota Land Cruiser PU2610.7%5.7%n/a1,4050.5%-28.7%47
n/aHyundai Tucson2250.6%-48.9%n/a1,7600.7%-43.5%29
n/aBMW 3 Series2240.6%-27.0%n/a9880.4%-64.8%39
n/aBMW X32060.6%-27.5%n/a9460.4%-40.2%59
n/aKia Sportage1920.5%-33.8%n/a9380.4%-49.8%52
n/aVW Caddy1920.5%-8.1%n/a8380.3%-56.9%51
n/aToyota Starlet1780.5%new –1780.1%new –
n/aGreat Wall Steed1760.5%3.5%n/a1,0150.4%-35.7%60
n/aHyundai Accent1530.4%-15.0%n/a6320.2%-59.8%57
n/aHyundai Atos1440.4%newn/a1,0190.4%new111
n/aBMW 2 Series1310.4%89.9%n/a4810.2%5.7%112
n/aVW Amarok1200.3%-26.4%n/a9690.4%-51.9%49
n/aBMW X11170.3%-34.6%n/a3870.1%-60.2%77
n/aHyundai H11070.3%-34.0%n/a4000.2%-68.5%67
n/aBMW 1 Series1010.3%80.4%n/a5360.2%-37.5%81
n/aSuzuki Jimny1000.3%-15.3%n/a8610.3%68.2%100
n/aToyota Prado850.2%54.5%n/a3420.1%-56.4%86
n/aBMW X5740.2%-35.1%n/a4730.2%-56.5%71
n/aMini Countryman560.1%16.7%n/a2720.1%-43.7%114
n/aHyundai Kona440.1%-39.7%n/a1860.1%-74.4%93
n/aMahindra Bolero360.1%12.5%n/a3500.1%-21.3%116
n/aMitsubishi Triton310.1%24.0%n/a1790.1%-51.4%135
n/aVW Touareg270.1%125.0%n/a1030.0%-57.4%148
n/aToyota Supra240.1%140.0%n/a550.0%-3.5%222
n/aKia Sedona230.1%35.3%n/a990.0%-57.3%151
n/aVW Transporter/Kombi/Caravelle200.1%-88.8%n/a3040.1%-79.2%53
n/aBMW X4200.1%-20.0%n/a1010.0%-78.3%126
n/aBMW X7200.1%-16.7%n/a950.0%-43.5%168
n/aFiat Fullback180.0%125.0%n/a1050.0%29.6%207
n/aBMW X6170.0%-19.0%n/a960.0%-24.4%187
n/aLexus NX170.0%-15.0%n/a810.0%-48.7%179
n/aHyundai Santa Fe160.0%-44.8%n/a1250.0%-60.1%145
n/aBMW 8 series160.0%60.0%n/a720.0%-17.2%199
n/aKia Sorento160.0%-15.8%n/a710.0%-56.2%175
n/aLexus ES140.0%-30.0%n/a510.0%-71.7%172
n/aLexus UX130.0%-27.8%n/a770.0%-57.9%174
n/aMazda BT-50120.0%-47.8%n/a950.0%-48.9%169
n/aLexus RX100.0%25.0%n/a540.0%-19.4%208
n/aBMW X290.0%-40.0%n/a420.0%-83.0%167
n/aBMW Z490.0%28.6%n/a350.0%-56.3%201
n/aNissan Navara70.0%-91.3%n/a5240.2%-53.7%66
n/aBMW 5 Series70.0%-76.7%n/a870.0%-74.5%136
n/aBMW 4 Series70.0%-77.4%n/a620.0%-87.5%124
n/aHyundai i3060.0%newn/a310.0%new –
n/aBMW i340.0%-42.9%n/a260.0%-60.0%200
n/aVW Up30.0%-97.9%n/a3470.1%-73.2%69
n/aBMW 7 Series30.0%-40.0%n/a140.0%-85.7%196
n/aHyundai Elantra10.0%-96.8%n/a550.0%-90.0%92

Source: NAAMSA

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  1. The previous sedan is called the Corolla Quest,and when the 11 th generation sedan was on sale,it was a carryover of the 10 th generation .
    Now that the 12 th generation is out ,it’s the carry over of the 11 th generation.

    1. Total Corolla family is at 539 sales for September but no detail between Corolla Quest and Corolla. So either case outside the Top 10. Note this is not a complete ranking and only features the models that have had their data published.

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