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Indonesia September 2020: Honda Brio takes YTD lead, market down another -47.7%

The Honda Brio topples the Toyota Avanza to lead Indonesian charts YTD.

New vehicle sales in Indonesia continue to be decimated by the coronavirus crisis albeit slowly improving. September wholesales volumes are off another -47.7% year-on-year to 48.554 units which leads to a year-to-date tally down -50.6% to 372.046. The retail market falls at exactly the same rate as wholesales for the month at -47.7% to 43.362 with a year-to-date total down -46.4% to 407.396.

In the wholesales brands ranking, Toyota (-58.7%) falls faster than the market and sees its share thaw to 27.1% vs. 29.8% YTD whereas sister brand Daihatsu (-36.1%) fares a lot better and climbs to 23.1% share vs. 18.6% so far in 2019. This is Daihatsu’s highest Indonesian share since last March. Suzuki (-23.1%) fares best in the Top 6, distancing Honda (-52.9%) and Mitsubishi (-50.4%). After soaring to #2 last month, Nissan (+49.4%) falls back to #7 but still scores the only gain in the Top 20 alongside Renault (+5.3%). Mercedes (-6.5%), Lexus (-12.5%), Audi (-16.7%) and BMW (-25.2%) also manage to lose a lot less ground than the market.

Toyota (-52.8%), Daihatsu (-41.1%) and Honda (-52.6%) form the retail brands podium, distancing Suzuki (-31.4%) and Mitsubishi (-46.2%). Intriguingly Nissan’s past month wholesales surge isn’t translating into retail success: the brand is down -24.3% to #89 and 1.6% share, which could suggest some re-exports. Mercedes (+41.4%) and Renault (+5.3%) are the only brand with positive retail sales this month.

The models ranking, based on wholesales figures, continues to be extremely volatile, with the Honda Brio (-25.7%) up 4 spots on last month to snap the lead both in September and YTD, dislodging long-time leader the Toyota Avanza (-79%) itself down to #8 in September. The Suzuki Carry Pikap (-10.6%) is also up 4 spots to #2, resisting best in the Top 6. The Toyota Rush (-42.3%) and Daihatsu Sigra (-20.1%) remain in 3rd and 4th place respectively. The Toyota Calya (-50.1%) is up to #5 and the Toyota Agya (+23.3%) scores the only year-on-year gain in the Top 10 just as the Daihatsu Ayla (-0.7%) also resists very well at #9. Surprise leader last month, the Nissan Livina (+79.8%) falls to #12 but remains way up on its year-ago score. The Suzuki XL7 tops recent launches at #19.

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