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Slovakia July-August 2020: Peugeot, Mercedes, Renault and BMW ignore struggling market

Peugeot sales are up 32.5% in July and 0.2% in August in Slovakia.

In July, new car sales in Slovakia slow their far to -12.5% year-on-year to 8.262 units, leading to a year-to-date tally down -31.3% to 42.277. Brand leader Skoda (+2.7%) bucks the negative and posts the only year-on-year gain on the podium, distancing Volkswagen (-8.6%) and Hyundai (-18.9%). Peugeot (+32.5%) is the best performer in the Top 8, with Mercedes (+32.6%), Renault (+24.9%) and Toyota (+2.4%) the only additional gainers in the Top 20. Further down, Ssangyong (+4300%), Porsche (+137.5%), Jeep (+77.5%), Nissan (+60.5%) and Subaru (+9.7%) also shine.

In August, the Slovak new car market is back in hell (like most of Europe) at -30.6% to 6.980 units, leading to a year-to-date tally down -31.2% to 49.257. Once again Skoda (-2.7%) fares much better than the market, and in fact the entire Top 4 outperforms, with Hyundai (-12.9%), Toyota (-10.1%) and Peugeot (+0.2%) all resisting. Below Kia (-36.3%) and Volkswagen (-43.6%) both in doldrums, Renault (+52.5%) and BMW (+27.1%) defy the depressed context with spectacular upticks. Ssangyong (+585.7%), Jeep (+80.6%), Subaru (+57.9%), Porsche (+23.8%), Nissan (+14.9%) and Mini (+13.3%) impress further down.

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