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Lithuania June 2020: Fiat Tipo tops market down -40.8%, re-export ratio hits 44.9%

The Fiat Tipo is #1 in Lithuania.

The Lithuanian new passenger car market sinks -40.8% year-on-year in June to 2.674 units, leading to a Q2 tally down -53.7% to 6.779 and a H1 volume off -28% to 16.821. Lithuania is the one market in the European Union where re-exports are the most blatant. Over Q2 2020, no less than 44.9% of all new vehicles sold in Lithuania (5.264 out of 11.709 including LCVs) were immediately re-exported to other European Union countries to be sold as “0km used” for a profit. This is in line with the 44.6% of 2019 but shows a constant growth since the 9.7% of 2012 (see graph below).

Lithuania re-export ratio 2009-2020.

Fiat (-62%) remains the most “popular” brand in the country even though almost all cars are re-exported, it distances Toyota (-20.3%), Volkswagen (-2.7%) and Skoda (-1.8%) in June while over Q2 Renault (-57.3%) takes the 5th spot. Model-wise, the Fiat Tipo (+33.9%) easily snaps the win over Q2 with a mammoth 17% share, toppling the Fiat 500 (-81.4%) at 11.4% but the latter keeps the YTD lead at 24.7% share vs. 12.4% for the Tipo. The Toyota RAV4 (-22.1%) is the “true” best-seller in Lithuania above the Toyota Corolla (-42.%), Skoda Octavia (-23.3%) and Toyota C-HR (-43.3%). Volkswagen places the Golf, Passat and Tiguan inside the Q2 Top 10.

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