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Lithuania June 2019: Toyota Corolla scores perfect 3 wins out of 3 Baltic states

The Toyota Corolla is #1 in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania this month.

The Lithuanian new car market continues to gallop ahead with June volumes up 41.1% year-on-year to 4.546 units, lifting the year-to-date tally up 47.1% to 23.491. As it is also the case in Estonia and Latvia this month, the Toyota Corolla (+238.2%) is the best-seller in Lithuania, scoring a perfect 3 out of 3. The Toyota RAV4 (+48.8%) is #2 like in May and holds onto its YTD pole position with the Skoda Octavia rounding up the podium in June and YTD. The Renault Clio (+208.3%) and VW Tiguan (+51.8%) also outpace the market in the Top 10. Note JATO Dynamics figures had the Fiat 500 at 414 sales YTD in May but the model disappeared from the June YTD Top 10, indicating the May volume may have been over-estimated.

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Full June 2019 Top 10 models ranking below.

Lithuania June 2019 – models:

1Toyota Corolla1864.1%238.2%35852.5%105.3%2n/a
2Toyota RAV41282.8%48.8%27023.0%40.4%16
3Skoda Octavia1052.3%-21.6%55662.4%-12.1%33
4VW Golf1012.2%17.4%85652.4%42.3%48
5VW Tiguan851.9%51.8%74672.0%38.2%5n/a
6Toyota C-HR681.5%-26.1%44431.9%-11.2%75
7Nissan Qashqai611.3%15.1%64571.9%22.2%67
8Toyota Yaris501.1%n/an/a3471.5%23.9%9n/a
9VW Passat390.9%-40.9%93421.5%-24.7%1010
10Renault Clio370.8%208.3%103941.7%68.4%8n/a

Source: JATO Dynamics

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