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Cyprus June 2020: Toyota Yaris reclaims control of market down -19.9%

The Toyota Yaris is the best-selling vehicle in Cyprus in June and YTD.

According to our local partners SEMO Cyprus and INNOSOFT, new car sales in Cyprus slow down their fall again in June at -19.9% to 947 units, leading to a First Half tally down -25.2% to 4.891. The Toyota Yaris (+1.9%) bucks the negative trend with a small uptick to gain 3 spots on May to reclaim the overall pole position both in June and YTD. The Nissan Qashqai (-19.6%) follows the market and is up 4 ranks on last month to #2, distancing two surging SUVs: the Kia Stonic (+50%) and Toyota RAV4 (+68.2%) just as the YTD leader as of last month, the Toyota C-HR (stable) remains at #5. The Nissan Juke (+50%), Kia Sportage (+14.8%) and Hyundai Tucson (+7.1%) also swim upstream in the remainder of the Top 10. The Dacia Duster is estimated to end the month just outside the ten best-sellers and earns a spot inside the YTD Top 30 at #26.

Previous month: Cyprus May 2020: Toyota RAV4 repeats at #1 in best performing market in Europe (-29.5%)

One year ago: Cyprus June 2019: Kia Ceed back in charge in market up 3.2%

Full June 2020 Top 30 models ranking below.

Note: This ranking features the Top 30 models year-to-date ordered based on their June sales and may therefore not be 100% accurate.

Cyprus June 2020 – models:

1Toyota Yaris545.7%1.9%42104.3%-23.9%11
2Nissan Qashqai414.3%-19.6%61683.4%-41.7%62
3Kia Stonic394.1%50.0%91863.8%-37.2%33
4Toyota RAV4373.9%68.2%11853.8%68.2%411
5Toyota C-HR353.7%0.0%52014.1%-21.5%25
6Kia Sportage313.3%14.8%21543.1%-19.4%76
7Hyundai Tucson303.2%7.1%71783.6%-5.3%57
8Kia Ceed252.6%-59.7%13741.5%-74.8%188
9VW Golf222.3%-26.7%11781.6%-31.6%1616
10Nissan Juke212.2%50.0%121092.2%-27.8%1214
11Dacia Duster202.1%n/an/a551.1%66.7%26n/a
12VW T-Roc171.8%-65.3%151272.6%-47.7%84
13Renault Captur171.8%-57.5%14951.9%3.3%1415
14VW Polo171.8%142.9%n/a541.1%-14.3%27n/a
15Jeep Renegade161.7%-68.0%101182.4%-9.2%1013
16Range Rover Evoque151.6%200.0%16801.6%45.4%1530
17Toyota Corolla151.6%-6.3%17771.6%2.7%1720
18Audi Q3141.5%40.0%20611.2%117.9%2429
19Volvo XC40131.4%0.0%24681.4%-6.8%1919
20Hyundai Kona121.3%-7.7%31042.1%-32.0%1312
21Nissan X-Trail121.3%140.0%19611.2%-17.6%2222
22Mitsubishi ASX121.3%1100.0%30611.2%6000.0%23n/a
23Ford Focus121.3%71.4%29571.2%16.3%25n/a
24Porsche Cayenne91.0%n/a21531.1%1225.0%28n/a
25Seat Arona80.8%-33.3%18491.0%48.5%30n/a
26Toyota Aygo70.7%-50.0%23521.1%-8.8%29n/a
27VW T-Cross60.6%-72.7%81152.4%325.9%1118
28Kia Picanto60.6%-64.7%26631.3%-33.7%2123
29Kia Rio50.5%-86.8%281182.4%-46.1%910
30BMW X120.2%-81.8%25641.3%-14.7%2028

Source: SEMO Cyprus and INNOSOFT

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