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Our “Renault failure in China” analysis featured in China Automotive Review

It turns out the “Why Renault failed in China” analysis we published on here on April 25 after a first version appeared on on April 17 resonated quite strongly in the industry. We received feedback from inside Renault France that the article was being shared internally, but also strong positive feedback globally, all the way to… China. So much so that the Lei Xing, the chief editor of Chinese industry magazine China Automotive Review contacted us to publish an abridged version of our analysis in the paper version of their June 2020 issue. A further bonus is that it is also featured on the front page of the magazine! (see top right above) This is the first time BSCB appears in the Chinese press. You can find the full magazine here.

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    1. Hi Lawrence – you can purchase China Automotive Review to read it, or click on the link at the start of the article here.

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