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South Korea April 2020: Second solid market uptick (+7%) confirms post-COVID recovery, Genesis smashes record

The spectacular new G80 helps lift Genesis to a new volume record.

13/05 update: Now with Top 30 All-brands and Top 10 foreign models.

The coronavirus now seems like a long lost memory in South Korea which went from 2nd most affected country in the world as of March 6 when we initially published February 2020 data (6.284 cases), to 17th as of April 9 (10.450) and 38th at the time or writing (10.822) with new infections falling below 50 a day every day since April 9. As a result the market has now fully recovered, with April marking the second straight month of sturdy year-on-year growth at +7% to 165.374 sales. This includes 142.429 local brands (+4.5%) and 22.945 foreigners (+25.9%), the latter boosted by the return to market of Audi (2.043) and Volkswagen (1.345). Year-to-date, sales are now down -2.9% to 552.392 including 474.778 local brands (-4.8%) and 77.614 foreigners (+10.3%).

The new model lifts the Kia Sorento to its highest ranking in 2.5 years.

Hyundai (-10.4%) isn’t benefitting from the market recovery but remains the most popular carmaker at home at 35.2% share, with sister brand Kia (+19.6%) making impressive progress again at 30.4% of the market. Renault Samsung (+78.4%) is lifted by a successful new launch as we’ll see further down, but the true hero of the month is Genesis (+59.7%) smashing its all-time volume and share records at 10.217 and 6.2% vs. a previous best of 6.404 and 4.8% in January 2018. The concurrent launch of the GV80 SUV and the new G80 sedan may have been the missing link to truly establish the brand as a worthy competitor in the premium aisle. Meanwhile Mercedes (+3.1%) leapfrogs past GM Korea (+4.2%) and Ssangyong (-41.4%) both underperforming. BMW (+58.8%) posts another stellar surge at #8 with Audi and Volkswagen closing out the Top 10 and Lamborghini (+420%), Porsche (+203%), Citroen (+40%), Mini (+25.2%), Bentley (+13.3%) and Cadillac (+12.2%) also up further down.

The new Hyundai Avante (aka Elantra) has landed in South Korea. 

Model-wise, below the Hyundai Grandeur (+48%) still enjoying the effects of its new generation, the Kia Sorento (+108.2%) is up 13 spots on March to land in 2nd place overall thanks to the new model, reaching its highest ranking and volume since September 2017. The Hyundai Avante (+42.9%) is also boosted by a new generation, up 11 ranks on last month to #3, reaching its highest ranking since August 2018 and largest volume since April 2017. The Kia K5 (+114.3%) continues to annihilate the year-ago performance of its previous generation at #4, just as the Samsung XM3 (aka Renault Arkana) advances 3 spots on its inaugural month to a record #6.

The Genesis GV80 continues to climb up the charts: up to #13 in April.

The Kia K7 (+81.3%) is dropped out of the Top 10, the Genesis G80 (+128.8%) enjoys a new generation boost lifting the nameplate to its highest ranking since January 2018 (#12) and largest volume since November 2016. For its part the Genesis GV80, the brand’s first SUV, continues to progress and hits new high marks at #13 and 4.324 sales. The Renault Samsung Captur makes a very shy entrance at #55 with just 19 sales. Over in the foreign models ranking, the Mercedes E-Class (-41.4%) reclaims the top spot it holds YTD off the BMW 5 Series (+87.6%) while the VW Tiguan rounds out the podium again. Below the Audi A6, Mercedes monopolises the rest of the Top 10, placing a total of 7 nameplates that include the GLC, CLA, CLS, S-Class and A-Class.

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Full April 2020 Top 30 All-brands, Top 56 All local models and Top 10 foreign models below.

South Korea April 2020 – brands:

3Renault Samsung11,0156.7%78.4%331,0035.6%35.9%34
6GM Korea6,7064.1%4.2%425,7504.7%11.6%46
19Land Rover2810.2%-45.6%171,7750.3%-43.5%1818
 –Total local manufacturers142,42986.1%4.5% –474,77886.2%-4.8% – –
 –Total foreign manufacturers22,94513.9%25.9% –77,61414.1%10.3% – –
 –Total market165,374100.0%7.0% –552,392100.3%-2.9% – –

South Korea April 2020 – local models:

1Hyundai Grandeur15,00048.0%148,50026.1%11
2Kia Sorento9,270108.2%1516,973-4.9%99
3Hyundai Avante8,24942.9%1417,348-20.3%86
4Kia K57,953114.3%328,543115.4%317
5Hyundai Porter7,570-20.3%232,099-7.4%23
6Samsung XM36,276new911,914new15 –
7Hyundai Palisade5,873-10.8%519,957-19.0%510
8Kia Seltos5,597new618,009new721
9Kia Bongo5,412-8.1%719,329-5.8%67
10Hyundai Sonata5,385-39.1%424,083-4.0%42
11Kia K74,77281.3%1016,60758.0%108
12Genesis G804,416128.8%397,002-17.4%2525
13Genesis GV804,324new179,115new20 –
14Hyundai Kona4,288-9.3%1212,588-6.9%1414
15Samsung QM63,57629.9%1114,74637.2%1212
16Hyundai Santa Fe3,468-48.7%815,438-46.8%114
17Hyundai Grand Starex3,075-28.5%209,888-41.8%1716
18Kia Morning2,960-27.5%1313,499-17.1%1311
19Kia K32,609-28.0%168,875-40.6%2113
20SsangYong Korando Sports2,504-26.7%239,497-37.6%1815
21Kia Niro2,300-22.1%267,655-12.1%2324
22Kia Ray2,212-1.0%218,209-13.1%2223
23Kia Mohave2,1431247.8%256,741594.9%2635
24Chevrolet Spark2,131-24.9%249,386-6.9%1919
25Kia Carnival2,063-66.2%1911,104-49.1%165
26Hyundai Venue1,974new276,389new2728
27Chevrolet Trailblazer1,757new185,552new30 –
28Kia Sportage1,749-33.4%295,704-44.5%2922
29Hyundai Tucson1,718-55.5%227,630-44.9%2418
30SsangYong Korando1,429-18.5%305,27317.6%3127
31SsangYong Tivoli1,409-64.5%286,033-54.8%2820
32Genesis G70826-50.3%333,121-49.1%3429
33Hyundai Nexo795119.0%372,025233.6%3840
34Samsung SM6757-55.8%323,304-42.4%3330
35SsangYong G4 Rexton675-32.5%352,731-31.9%3531
36Genesis G90651-76.8%313,373-55.2%3226
37Chevrolet Trax645-39.0%362,463-38.9%3732
38Chevrolet Malibu624-45.8%401,833-59.5%4033
39Hyundai Ioniq55511.4%381,5923.4%4137
40Kia K9545-44.3%342,689-31.6%3634
41Chevrolet Colorado394new451,850new3955
42Kia Stonic357-64.8%421,431-62.0%4236
43Chevrolet Bolt308-31.9%431,074-3.4%4442
44Chevrolet Traverse263new411,292new4356
45Daewoo Labo244-24.0%46936-24.6%4545
46Hyundai Veloster22852.0%48643-11.4%4851
47Renault Samsung Master22144.4%4955616.8%4948
48Daewoo Alpheon217-33.4%47910-27.0%4747
49Kia Stinger189-44.2%44927-33.5%4644
50Samsung SM3139-63.5%52319-80.0%5246
51Kia Soul120-87.3%51363-88.0%5138
52Chevrolet Equinox112-43.1%50390-38.3%5052
53Hyundai i3045-69.8%53174-71.8%5354
54Renault Samsung Twizy27-76.9%54145-58.3%5453
55Renault Samsung Captur19new –19new56 –
56Chevrolet Corvette/Camaro11-54.2%5564-17.9%5559

South Korea April 2020 – foreign models:

1Mercedes E Class2,193-41.4%27,837-32.0%11
2BMW 5 Series1,95387.6%16,19761.8%22
3VW Tiguan1,316n/a33,476n/a320
4Audi A6962n/an/a1,316-48.6%109
5Mercedes GLC96154.5%53,20774.1%44
6Mercedes C Class712-6.4%81,963-29.7%83
7Mercedes CLA706n/an/a970n/an/a138
8Mercedes CLS671n/a61,991114.5%78
9Mercedes S Class581-18.1%n/a2,26733.8%55
10Mercedes A Class576n/a42,218n/a670

Source: KAIDA,

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  1. I doubt Captur is even on sale officially, at least I can’t find it on their site. Just as special notice though, XM3 is not Russian Renault Arkana, this one is set on Captur 2 underpinnings so CMF platform with modern tech and Captur 2 interior.

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