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Belarus April 2020: Geely threatens Lada for pole position in market halted -40%

Launched in January, the Geely Coolray is already inside the Belarus Top 20.

Belarus is shaping up to be BSCB’s latest monthly update addition. To celebrate, we can offer you today detailed brands and models data available since the start of 2020. Brand-wise, we have a complete Q1 2020 Top 32 All-brands ranking vs. complete Q1 2019 figures as well as each monthly Top 32 All-brands (January, February, March, April and YTD). Model-wise, we have a Top 20 for January-February 2020, March and Q1 2020 as well as for April 2020 and YTD. The Belorussian new car market seemed to be headed for yet another record year in 2020, with First Quarter sales up a whopping 20.8% to 17.250 units, partly due to the devaluation of the Belarus Ruble that triggered a rush to dealership in anticipation of price increases.

Lada and the Vesta remain the best-sellers so far in 2020.

But it was not to be, as COVID-19 spread into the country throughout April. New car sales volumes for the month are down -39.9% year-on-year to just 3.737, abruptly cutting the year-to-date advance to +2.4% and 20.987 sales. With the Belorussian president still downplaying the gravity of the pandemic and no nationwide lockdown being imposed, confirmed COVID-19 cases soared from 14.027 as of April 30 to 30.572 as of May 18, and BAA analysts anticipate a market collapse in May, because April volumes still included deliveries of vehicles ordered in March and April orders have almost stopped, car prices have risen and interest rates on loans have increased while banks curtail financing.

The Geely Atlas was the best-selling vehicle in Belarus in March.

Lada remains the best-selling brand in Belarus in April but drops to 18.7% share and only distances Chinese local producer Geely (18.4% share) by a meagre 11 units. For perspective, Lada holds a 21.5% share so far in 2020 while Geely ranks #3 at 15.8%. Renault is knocked down to #3 and 15.6% vs. 18.1% YTD while Volkswagen, Kia, Hyundai, GAZ and Skoda hold onto their YTD ranking. Mercedes shoots up 5 spots on March to #9, BMW is up 3 to #10, Peugeot is up 6 to #14 and Volvo up 3 to #18. Over in the models ranking, the Geely Atlas spectacularly takes the overall lead in March with a mammoth 11.7% share, distancing the VW Polo (10%), Lada Vesta (9.7%), Kia Rio (5.9%) and Renault Logan Stepway (5.7%). Geely also impressed with the launch of the Coolray SUV (aka Binyue) which landed directly at #16 over the first two months of the year, #18 over Q1.

The Geely Emgrand 7 is up to #2 in April.

In April, the models ranking is completely reshuffled, with the VW Polo sedan taking the lead at 9.1% share while the Geely Emgrand 7 leaps from outside the March Top 20 directly into 2nd place due to deliveries to taxis and fleets. The Lada Vesta remains in third place and holds onto the YTD top spot, distancing the Kia Rio and Renault Logan Stepway for the month like in March. The Hyundai Creta shoots up 5 spots on last month to #6, while last month’s leader, the Geely Atlas, drops to #7. Lada places a total of three nameplates in the Top 10 (add the Granta and Largus) and so does Geely (add the Emgrand X7). Notice also the Kia Sportage up to #13, the Geely Coolray back up to #17 and the Renault Arkana at #18.

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