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Serbia February 2020: Seat Ibiza surprise #1, Skoda Scala in Top 10 in market up 15.9%

The Seat Ibiza is the most popular vehicle in Serbia in February.

According to data by our Central European data partner CE Auto, new car sales in Serbia continue to evolve markedly higher than last year, with January registrations up 15.9% to 2.353 units and 2020 volumes now up 15.2% to 4.192. We have a surprise leader this month: the Seat Ibiza with a round 200 sales and 8.5% share, enough to also propel it to #1 YTD whereas it had never cracked the Top 10 before last month (#4). This smells like a bulk order by either a rental car company, a carshare program or the government. If you live in Serbia and know more about why the Ibiza is #1 this month, please make sure to comment on this article. The Renault Clio (+115.2%) is up one spot on January to #2 while the Skoda Fabia (+30.4%) is down two spots on January to round out the podium but remains #2 YTD. The Fiat Tipo (+30.6%) and Dacia Duster (+47.3%) also shine further down while the Skoda Scala breaks into the Serbian Top 10 for the first time at #8.

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Full February 2020 Top 10 models ranking below.

Serbia February 2020 – models:

1Seat Ibiza2008.5%n/a42706.4%n/a1n/a
2Renault Clio994.2%115.2%31904.5%143.6%49
3Skoda Fabia903.8%30.4%12355.6%56.7%22
4Skoda Octavia863.7%-6.5%21964.7%14.6%31
5Fiat Tipo813.4%30.6%61313.1%9.2%53
6Dacia Duster813.4%47.3%n/a1082.6%17.4%7n/a
7Fiat 500L733.1%n/an/a731.7%n/a77
8Skoda Scala713.0%newn/a791.9%new10n/a
9Dacia Sandero703.0%n/a61202.9%69.0%64
10Opel Astra592.5%n/an/a892.1%n/a8n/a
n/aHyundai Tucsonn/an/an/an/a811.9%14.1%9n/a

Source: CE Auto

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  1. I do reside in Serbia and I can actually pinpoint where most orders end up such as the Škoda Scalas & Fabias. Generally, I consider that you know that only a meagre percentage is that of private purchases by a “natural person” in terms of jurisprudence. Yet, the Seat Ibiza orders are certainly eyebrow raising as there is no indication of one legal entity amasing a large order. Plus, Ibiza figured in January which is also strange.

    Curently, the Serbian government has embarked on a process of subsidizing the procurement of newer vehicles with cleaner emission standards for citizens that are employed in the taxi business. But, there are standards in place regarding the car category, engine type and sticker price. Seat Ibiza does not cut for the aforementioned purpose. There is some chatter that this might extend for ordinary citizens seeking to purchase hybrids and vehicles with Euro 6 emission standard, but I personally doubt so in a fiscally stripped economy.

    Finally, no order of such sort has appeared on the official list of government procurement and tender registration database. We can conclude its either a car sharing scheme or an actual procurement intended for taxi use. The last statement meaning that regulation loosened with the intention of cutting costs. Rental houses have not made serious orders since the start of this year. Cheers

    1. Žika this is awesome! Thank you very much for taking the time to study all the different possibilities. And we now can have explanations in case some eco-friendly cars come up the charts in the coming months.

  2. I’ve seen many of these Ibizas, they are all in grey and basic Reference trim level. I guess there are bought by some company or rent a car firm. All of them are registered in Belgrade.

    1. Thank you very much for this Florida – it’s always very reassuring to hear that the stats are confirmed in the streets. I really appreciate your note.

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