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Media post: Why buy a car in Northern Ireland?


Whatever your opinion is on Brexit and its potential consequences, one thing is very clear. If you’re in the Republic of Ireland and you’re currently looking to buy a new car (or are in the market for a reliable used car) then you can take advantage of the situation to save yourself some money.

Many canny buyers have already been doing this and you can easily join them. It doesn’t take a lot of clever analysis or a really deep understanding of politics or the financial markets. In fact, all you have to do is go over the border to Northern Ireland to purchase your car and make a saving.

So how does this work?

The reason that you can save money when you purchase a top-quality new or used car in this way all comes down to the difference in currency. The Republic of Ireland has the Euro and Northern Ireland has the Great British Pound. Now, since the Brexit saga has been rumbling on and on and nobody has really been sure what exactly is going to happen, one of the effects has been to make the euro relatively strong and the pound relatively weak.

What does this mean for the individual then? Well, it means that if you’re in the Republic of Ireland then you can benefit from your stronger currency. It would actually work for anything, from a loaf of bread to a new coat to keep you snug through the winter. However, it’s a particularly good idea to take advantage of this for the big things – those major investments such as a car.

Where to shop for the best car deals in Northern Ireland

Of course, you don’t want to go to just any car dealership in Northern Ireland, particularly if you don’t know the market there well. Going with someone reliable is all the more important if you’re looking for a good second-hand car. (We all know the unfortunate “cowboy” reputation of some mechanics and car salesmen! Think of that disreputable character in Roald Dahl’s story, Matilda, who puts sawdust into old car engines to make them run smoothly just long enough for his customers to get the car back home before they break down!)

A great option when you cross the border is SERE Motors. They’ve geared themselves up specially to help customers to export a vehicle without any hassle. You can make one trip to them and they’ll do the rest (handling your vehicle delivery). This means that you don’t even have to spend money on your travel for multiple trips.

It goes without saying that the expert team really know their stuff when it comes to the cars they sell (which include top models from Mitsubishi, SEAT, MG and SsangYong).

It’s hard to say what Brexit will and won’t change in the future, but right now it’s definitely worth taking advantage of the situation to go and grab yourself a bargain.

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