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Media post: 4 Things to do When Purchasing a Car

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Buying a car is usually an exciting event, especially if it’s your first. It’s easy to get caught up in the flurry of the occasion, though, and forget to cover all the essentials points. This could end in you getting a bad deal or ending up with a vehicle you can’t use.

Check these following things when you are buying a car to reduce the risk and get the most from your new vehicle.

Match the names and numbers

When you are considering purchasing a specific car, check that all the names and numbers are in order. Compare the name of the seller and the name on the registration of the vehicle, and make sure they relate to each other. Also check the identification numbers on the car and ensure they align with what’s on the registration. This will help you feel confident that the person is authorised to sell a vehicle that is, in fact, theirs to sell, and that the car you get is the one being transferred to your name.

Do a PPSR search

The Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR) is a helpful online tool. It lists properties and debts secured against them, so by checking this prior to handing over any money, you can rest assured there are no current debts that are using the car as security. If you’re looking for extra help with the register, companies like GlobalX Legal Solutions have helpful software to help users navigate it. Click here to find out more.


Don’t take the seller’s offer at face value. Despite your enthusiasm, do the research and feel confident in your knowledge of the true value of the car. If you’re already getting a good deal, great! Just be sure you get the relevant mechanical checks done. Otherwise, negotiate the price down to something that is fair. If you have put the effort in to the research, you can walk into the negotiation and stand firm on what you know is a suitable offer.

Check contracts, receipts and other documents

Look over all documentation with a critical eye, and enlist an extra pair of eyes if you can. Make sure that there’s no sneaky tricks in the contract, and look for signatures everywhere they are needed. Receipts should have your name, the date of purchase, the amount paid, the vehicle’s identifying numbers and the seller’s licence, name and signature.

There’s many other things that you should aware of – be sure to get hold of all keys for the vehicle, the service or log books and any extra device manuals.

Don’t let your good judgement be overcome by the stress or excitement of buying a car. Do your research, know what you want in a vehicle and stand firm when it comes time to negotiate, and you are much more likely to come out on the better side of the deal.

Have you recently bought a car? Did you encounter any challenges, or was it an easy process?

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