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Bulgaria January 2020: Skoda and Toyota take control in market sinking -15.3%

Skoda is the best-selling carmaker in Bulgaria in January.

New car sales in Bulgaria sink -15.3% year-on-year in January to just 2.919 registrations, and the new year  – and new EU CO2 emissions regulations  – brings a completely different brands ranking. Skoda (+11.9%) and Toyota (+3.5%) take control with 11.9% and 9.1% share respectively, knocking December’s leader Renault (-8.6%) down to #3 and, most spectacularly, traditional annual brand leader Dacia (-49.9%) down to a paltry 5th place, Volkswagen (-23.9%) is also hit hard at #4. In contrast some brands display insolent health, such as Hyundai (+161.1%), Nissan (+57.3%), Mercedes (+55.2%) and Volvo (+24.3%) inside the Top 10, Fiat (+124.2%), Mitsubishi (+89.5%) and Audi (+63.6%) further down. Among smaller brands, Subaru (+600%) and Porsche (+400%) stand out.

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Full January 2020 Top 35 All-brands ranking below.

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