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Norway June 2019: Tesla (24.5% share) and Model 3 (19.6%) return to ultra-dominance

Almost 1 in every 5 cars sold in Norway in June is a Tesla Model 3.

New car sales in Norway slip down -3.1% year-on-year in June to 15.352 units, leading to a year-to-date tally up 1.9% to 78.209. As the carmaker has got us used to in the U.S., Tesla (+238.1%) backloads its deliveries to end of Quarters and is back in the brands lead in Norway with a mammoth 24.5% share, cementing its YTD pole position at 16.1% of the market (+211.5%). Volkswagen (-18.5%) remains in 2nd place despite a ghastly drop, with Toyota (+12.1%) down 2 spots on May to #3 despite a double-digit gain. BMW (-44.9%) implodes and is followed by Audi (+25.5%) in excellent shape. Jaguar (+1304%) and Hyundai (+68.3%) also impress, but Mercedes (-62.3%), Nissan (-57.7%), Volvo (-37.2%), Peugeot (-36.3%), Suzuki (-34.6%), Kia (-33.6%), Opel (-31.8%) and Mazda (-31.7%) all freefall.

Over in the models ranking, the Tesla Model 3 reclaims the top spot with a gargantuan 19.6% market share, however not quite matching its 28.9% record set last March. The Model 3 knocks last month’s leaders the VW Golf (+9.4%) and Toyota RAV4 (+109.4%) one spot down despite market-defying gains for both nameplates. The Audi e-Tron remains at a world-best 4th place but is down slightly on May at 3.7% share, distancing the Mitsubishi Outlander (-7%), Nissan Leaf (-58.8%) and BMW i3 (+35.2%). The Tesla Model S climbs back up to #8, the Jaguar i-Pace is down 4 spots on last month to #9, the Tesla Model X is up 5 to #10, with the Hyundai Kona (+544.4%), Volvo V60 (+148.8%), Renault Zoe (+44.8%) and Ford Focus (+35.5%) also lodging spectacular lifts in the remainder of the Top 20.

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Full June 2019 Top 20 brands and models below.

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