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Canada June 2019: Toyota RAV4 (+27.2%), Ford F-Series (+13.1%), Ram (+6.8%) survive in 16th straight market drop

The Toyota RAV4 scores a third straight double-digit gain in June.

It’s a 16th consecutive month of year-on-year decline in Canada where the automotive market is sinking ever deeper into recession with June deliveries down -9.5% year-on-year to just 182.279 units, pulling the First Half 2019 tally down -4.8% to 989.813 sales. According to local consultancy Desrosiers which has a higher GM estimate and therefore higher monthly volume, light trucks edge down -1% to 137.625 units and 74.1% share vs.  69.4% in June 2018 and -1.4% YTD to 717.428 and 73.2% vs. 70.2% whereas passenger cars implode -21.3% to 48.116 and 25.9% vs. 30.6 and down -15.1% YTD to 262.679 and 26.8% share vs. 29.8% over the same period in 20198.

Ford Motor (-2.7%) remains the #1 automotive group in the country, while Toyota Motor (-2.2%), FCA (-2.5%) and Hyundai-Kia (-2.4%) all leapfrog past General Motors (-22.1%) in particularly bad shape this month. Honda Motor (-9.7%) matches the market but Nissan Group/Mitsubishi (-12.2%), BMW Group (-15.7%), Daimler AG (-19.1%) and the VW Group (-20.1%) all fall faster. Brand-wise, the podium is unchanged on May, YTD and FY18 with Ford (-2.6%), Toyota (-1.5%) and Honda (-10.2%) in the lead, followed this time by Hyundai (-1.4%) and Nissan (-11.7%) both overtaking Chevrolet (-18.6%) in dire straits. Strikingly, Ram (+6.8%) and Jeep (+0.6%) are the only Top 20 carmakers in positive just when GMC (-32.6%), Audi (-29.8%), Mazda (-20.2%), Dodge (-19.6%), Mercedes (-19.1%), Volkswagen (-18.4%) and BMW (-15.6%) all fall apart. Porsche (+15%), Cadillac (+10.2%) and Volvo (+1%) also post an uptick in the remainder of the Top 30.

Over in the models ranking, the podium is an island of growth unaffected by the surrounding gloom: the Ford F-Series (+13.1%) manages a second consecutive month above 15.000 units for the first time since June 2017, the Ram Pickup (+4.5%) is back in positive and the Toyota RAV4 (+27.2%) scores a third straight double-digit gain and third consecutive month above 6.000 deliveries. The rest of the Top 10 fares a lot worse, with only the Nissan Rogue (+0.5%) edging into positive and the Honda Civic (-9.3%) contained to single-digit drops, but all other fall by the double-digits with the Ford Escape (-22.4%), Honda CR-V (-18.6%) and Chevrolet Silverado (-17%) hit the hardest. Note this month all GM models are exclusive BSCB estimates as the company is now reporting quarterly like in the U.S.

The Nissan Kicks (+145.5%), Ford Mustang (+71.6%), Jeep Grand Cherokee (+34.1%), Hyundai Kona (+32.3%), Ford Ecosport (+28.9%) and Jeep Wrangler (+21.3%) are the only other double-digit gainers in the Top 50. Now that the Chevrolet Blazer has realistic estimates (our previous source was grossly overestimating its volumes), the Ford Ranger (#83) is the best-selling new launch above the Subaru Ascent (#101), Cadillac XT4 (#105), Kia Telluride (#108) and Mercedes A-Class (#124). As it is also the case in the neighbouring U.S., we welcome the Hyundai Palisade (#168) and Cadillac XT6 (#278).

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Full June 2019 Top 15 groups, Top 40 brands and Top 280 models below.

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