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Australia June 2019: Kia (+1.9%) the only island of growth in 15th straight market loss (-9.6%)

The Kia Cerato is up to a record 6th place in June.

This article has been updated with the Top 275 All-models.

The end of the tunnel is nowhere near in sight for Australian new vehicle sales, hit by a 15th consecutive month of decline in June at -9.6% to 117.817 units, the lowest June result since 2012. Given June is traditionally the largest month of the year because of end of financial year deals, this month’s fall has a significant impact on YTD figures and pulls the H1 tally down -8.4% to 554.466 units, also the weakest H1 score since 2012. All channels fall similarly in June with private sales down -9.3% to 56.969, fleet deliveries down -10.5% to 45.856, rental sales down -6.7% to 7.901 and government sales down -14.4% to 3.019. Halfway through the year, Private sales are down -8.6% to 258.590 and 46.6%, fleets are down -10% to 224.581 and 40.5%, rentals stable at 33.896 and government deliveries down -3.9% to 18.510. Even SUV sales drop this month at -4.7% to 53.509 but still improve their share to 45.4% share vs. 43.1% in June 2018, with passenger cars imploding -18.5% to 33.864 and 28.7% share vs. 31.9% and light commercials down -7% to 26.372 and 22.4% vs. 21.7%.

All States and Territories bar Tasmania (+1 unit) lose ground this month, with NSW (-4.550) down -10.7% to 37.811, Queensland (-3.172) down -11.2% to 25.100 and Victoria (-2.771) down -7.6% to 33.924 the biggest volume losers but Northern Territory (-31.4%), ACT (-11.4%), South Australia (-9.3%) and Western Australia (-6.5%) also freefalling. Japan remains the #1 source of cars sold in Australia for June at 35.286 (-6.7%) ahead of Thailand at 32.139 (-11.2%), South Korea at 17.322 (-12.3%), Germany at 9.275 (-15.9%), the USA at 4.156 (-17.5%), the UK at 3.230 (-29.8%), China at 2.185 (+96.5%), Czech Republic at 1.615 (+57.1%), Mexico at 1.587 (+24.1%), South Africa at 1.260 (+295%) and Hungary at 1.058 (-14.7%).

First month above 1.000 sales for MG.

Toyota (-8.5%) manages to fall slightly slower than the market at -8.5% to 18% share, but that’s not the case of Mazda (-13.3%) at #2 and Mitsubishi (-13.1%) at #4. Hyundai (-4.2%) resists best on the podium, but the hero of the month is once again Kia (+1.9%) stuck at a record 5th place and breaking records for all-time volume (7.200) and market share (6.1%), the only carmaker in positive in the Top 17… Ford (-4.5%) and Volkswagen (-8.5%) limit their fall somewhat but Holden (-34.8%) continues to fall into oblivion, hitting a lowest-ever #10 for the third time this year. Nissan (-16.5%) and Honda (-11.1%) also under-perform. Beyond the Top 10, UK turned Chinese carmaker MG (+207.3%) scores its first ever four-digit sales figure at 1.014, also breaking its ranking record at #18. Ram (+1210%), Lamborghini (+150%), Haval (+313.3%), Great Wall (+50.4%), Skoda (+34.7%), LDV (+30.4%), Volvo (+23.6%) and Porsche (+15.4%) also impress further down.

First podium in almost two years for the Hyundai i30.

The Toyota Hilux (-6.8%) celebrates 20 consecutive months at #1, the longest such streak for any nameplate in Australia in 14 years, approaching the 22 straight wins of the Holden Commodore between October 2003 and July 2005. However for the third month running the Hilux loses to the Ford Ranger (+1.7%) in the lucrative 4×4 ute segment at 4.396 vs. 3.891. Moreover the Ranger scores its 2nd largest ever monthly volume at 4.851 vs. 5.051 in June 2017 while for the Hilux it’s the 3rd highest month on record at 5.396 vs. 5.787 in June 2018 and 5.461 in June 2017. The Hyundai i30 (-5.8%) climbs onto the podium for the first time since October 2017, topping the passenger car order and outselling both the Toyota Corolla (-17%) and Mazda3 (-23.9%) handicapped by dearer new generations. After being toppled by the Toyota RAV4 last month, the Mazda CX-5 (-7.2%) reclaims the title of #1 SUV in Australia, knocking the RAV4 (-9%) to #2 and the Hyundai Tucson (+17.2%) at #3. while the Kia Cerato (+14%) is up two spots on May to reach its highest-ever ranking at #6, volume at 2.832 and share at 2.4%. Notice also the Subaru Forester (+100.6%) and Toyota Prado (+21.1%) posting extravagant gains in the remainder of the Top 20.

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