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Cyprus May 2019: VW T-Roc scores first monthly win in the world

The VW T-Roc is the best-selling vehicle in Cyprus in May.

Thanks to our partnership with SEMO Cyprus and INNOSOFT, we can share with you today Cyprus new car sales data. The market is down -8.3% year-on-year in May to 1.120 units, leading to a year-to-date tally down -17.2% to 5.358. The VW T-Roc (+120%) surges to its first ever monthly win not only in Cyprus but anywhere in the world, distancing the Toyota C-HR (+40%), Nissan Qashqai (-7%) and Hyundai Tucson (+95.5%) in a Top 4 100% SUV. The Ford Fiesta (+223.1%), Kia Stonic (+140%), Kia Rio (+100%), Toyota RAV4 (+84.2%) and Kia Sportage (+41.7%) also shine in the Top 10.

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Full May 2019 Top 30 models ranking below.

Note: This ranking features the Top 30 models YTD ordered based on their May sales and may therefore not be 100% accurate.

Cyprus May 2019 – models:

1VW T-Roc776.9%120.0%41943.6%234.5%617
2Toyota C-HR635.6%40.0%72214.1%-14.3%53
3Nissan Qashqai534.7%-7.0%62374.4%-18.6%22
4Hyundai Tucson433.8%95.5%121603.0%-20.0%94
5Ford Fiesta423.8%223.1%101412.6%98.6%1027
6Kia Rio383.4%100.0%21813.4%-33.7%75
7Toyota RAV4353.1%84.2%15881.6%27.5%1420
8Kia Sportage343.0%41.7%91643.1%13.1%87
9Toyota Yaris332.9%-31.3%52234.2%-22.8%41
10Kia Stonic242.1%140.0%32705.0%42.1%115
10Nissan Juke242.1%14.3%111372.6%-9.3%1210
12Toyota Corolla201.8%66.7%n/a591.1%-19.2%25n/a
13Kia Cee’d171.5%n/a12324.3%293.2%3n/a
13VW Golf171.5%-59.5%21841.6%-27.6%1514
13Land Rover Discovery Sport171.5%88.9%20601.1%-7.7%24n/a
16Hyundai Kona141.3%new171402.6%new11n/a
17VW Tiguan131.2%-23.5%17931.7%5.7%1316
17BMW X1131.2%-35.0%21641.2%-28.9%2019
19Hyundai i20100.9%new13601.1%new23n/a
20Kia Picanto90.8%50.0%29781.5%-65.9%179
20Ford Kuga90.8%-83.0%15611.1%-74.3%216
22BMW 1 Series80.7%60.0%28651.2%109.7%19n/a
23Jeep Renegade70.6%-50.0%8801.5%110.5%1611
23Mercedes A-Class70.6%250.0%19581.1%87.1%26n/a
25Volvo XC4050.4%-50.0%14601.1%500.0%2230
25Mini Countryman50.4%-44.4%24551.0%-70.1%3012
27VW Polo30.3%-105.8%27561.0%-6.7%2826
28Nissan X-Trail20.2%-94.9%30691.3%-46.5%1813
28Skoda Fabia20.2%-93.1%23561.0%-58.8%2723
30Skoda Octavia00.0%-100.0%26551.0%-9.8%29n/a

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