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Iran Q1 2019: Citroen C3 lands in market imploding down -54.4%

The Citroen C3 is now produced in Iran.

The First Quarter of 2018 roughly corresponds to the last three months of the Persian year 1397 which ended on 22 March 2019. Now feeling the full brunt of renewed international sanctions, Iranian new car production tumbles down -54.4% year-on-year over the period to just 190.733 vs. 418.052 a year ago. In the detail though, the situation seems to be improving somewhat as the year has progressed: from a ghastly -66.6% in January to 50.004 units produced, to -59.1% in February at 58.810 and -36% in March at 81.919, all pretty intimidating scores nevertheless.

In the brands production ranking, Saipa (-47.8%) holds onto the lead with a 5.800-unit advantage over Peugeot (-50.4%) hit a little harder, while Iran Khodro (-53.6%) and Renault (-72.4%) dive below. JAC (-6.7%) resists extremely well, up 5 spots on a year ago to #5 overall and becoming the most popular Chinese carmaker just as Chery (-99.8%) virtually stops. Pickup-maker Zamyad (-23.1%) is up 3 spots to #6 while Haima (-53%), Dongfeng (-59.1%) and Brilliance (-77.1%) are the other Chinese making it into the Top 10. Going against the wind as sanctions intensify, Citroen lands in Iran directly at #11 with 2.000 locally-produced C3, landing the model at #16.

Speaking of which, in the models aisle the Saipa Pride (-46.4%) reclaims control ahead of the Saipa Tiba/Saina (-51.6%) and Peugeot 206 (-53.7%). However when adding the Peugeot 405 (-51.8%) and its upmarket variant the Pars (-44.8%), the volumes lifts the sedan to the #1 spot with over 41.000 units produced in just 3 months. The Iran Khodro Samand (-58%) remains at #6 ahead of the Iran Khodro Dena (-55.8%) overtaking the Renault Tondar 90 aka Dacia Logan (-73.6%). The JAC S5 (+7.5%) breaks into the Top 10, the only Chinese model to do so, passing the Brilliance H300 (-69.5%) and Dongfeng Aeolus H/S30 (-66.1%). The Zamyad Z24 (-23.2%) easily remains the #1 pickup above the Saipa 151 (+2.7%) and Iran Khodro Arisun (+20%) finally showing signs of perking up.

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