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Iran Full Year 1392: Now with Top 20 most produced models!

Peugeot Pars Iran 1392Peugeot Pars production is up 40% year-on-year!

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I can finally share with you the most produced models in Iran over the Full Year 1392 in the Persian calendar, roughly corresponding to the period April 2013-March 2014. Overall production is down 25% year-on-year to an estimated 591,000 units, and the Saipa Pride remains on top in spite of production down 30% to 194,414 units. The best performer of the year is the Peugeot Pars: it saw its production climb by 40% to 100,419, up 3 spots to 2nd place. Great news for a 27 year-old vehicle! Its twin the Peugeot 405 remains in third place at 68,123 units (-35%) ahead of the Iran Khodro Samand down 2 ranks and 40% to 65,775 units.

Saipa Tiba Iran April 2014The Saipa Tiba ranks at a best-ever 4th place in April/Farvardin

Further down, the Saipa Tiba is up 83% to deliver its best annual production volume so far at 40,195 units, edging out the Peugeot 206 at 40,102 (+44%). The Iran Khodro Runna is also on the rise at 27,022 units (+71%) whereas the Renault Tondar 90 (aka Logan) suffered from the manufacturer’s withdrawal from the country: down 74% to 20,454 units. We welcome the Lifan X60 inside this year’s Top 10 most produced models in Iran with an estimated 5,800 units.

Iran Khodro Runna Iran April 2014Iran Khodro Runna

I am also glad to announce I can also share with you latest monthly production data for Iran, for the month of Farvardin 1393 in the Persoan calendar which roughly corresponds to April 2014. And it’s great news for the Iranian car industry: up 69% year-on-year to an estimated 36,700 units. The Saipa Pride is #1 as usual but disappoints: up only 18% whereas the Iran Khodro Samand is up 394%, Peugeot Pars up 167% and Saipa Tiba up 224% to a record 4th place: would it actually be cannibalising Pride sales? Notice also the Iran Khodro Runna up 714% to 1,352 units.

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Full Year 1392 Top 20 and Farvardin 1393 Top 10 models Ranking Tables below.

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