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Finland April 2019: Peugeot (+21.3%), Kia (+19.9%) defy 7th double-digit market fall in past 8 months (-12.3%)

Peugeot sales soar 21.3% year-on-year in a depleted market.

No sign of improvement for new car sales in Finland with April marking the 7th double-digit year-on-year drop in the past 8 months at -12.3% to 9.538 units, leading to a YTD tally down -14.8% to 38.276. Toyota (-15.9%) falls faster than the market but retains the brands lead at 12.4% share ahead of Skoda (+2.9%) posting the only gain in the Top 5. Just below, Volkswagen (-20.8%), Volvo (-14.5%) and Ford (-22.4%) are all in difficulty, but Peugeot (+21.3%) and Kia (+19.9%) both stun with double-digit upticks and Nissan (-2.5%) and Mercedes (-3.8%) resist. Tesla (+1112.5%), Land Rover (+235.3%), Mitsubishi (+78.6%), Jaguar (+73.9%), Lexus (+64%) and Mazda (+22.1%) stand out further down. The models podium swims upstream with the Nissan Qashqai (+28.9%), Skoda Octavia (+12%) and Ford Focus (+23.9%) all defying the negative market with double-digit gains. The Toyota Corolla (+869.4%) replaces the Auris in the Top 5 like last month, with the Volvo XC40 (+428%), V60 (+116.2%), Kia Niro (+98%), Mercedes A-Class (+62.7%), Skoda Karoq (+51.7%), VW Tiguan (+51.6%) and Toyota RAV4 (+38.5%) also showing strong resolve.

Previous month: Finland March 2019: Toyota Corolla #5, Tesla Model 3 #15 in market plunging -21.2%

One year ago: Finland April 2018: Ford and Skoda impress in market up 17.5%

Full April 2019 Top 30 brands and models below.

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