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France Full Year 2018: Exclusive Top 20 brands for every 100 department now available

Renault is the #1 brand in 54 French departments in 2018.

For the first time in the history of BSCB we can share with you the Top 20 best-selling brands in France by department, for all 100 of them, over the Full Year 2018 but also 2017 for comparison. This data is exclusive to BSCB, you won’t find it anywhere else! You can also check specific updates we wrote about the Paris region, all overseas departments (Guadeloupe, Martinique, French GuianaReunion and Mayotte) and one overseas territory – not a department – New Caledonia. The largest French departments in terms of new registrations for 2018 are somewhat of a weird bunch but shouldn’t be a surprise if you have driven in the country lately: 60-Oise (130.726 sales) is far above 76-Seine Maritime (86.546) and 92-Hauts de Seine (79.423), these 3 departments being extensively used by rental car companies to register their vehicles due to lower taxes. 59-Nord (77.834), 78-Yvelines (72.916), 69-Rhone (60.786), 13-Bouches du Rhone (59.638) and 75-Paris (51.786) follow.

Peugeot wins 46 departments but never ranks below #2.

At the department-winning game, Renault comes up first with 54 wins vs. 46 for archenemy Peugeot, however Peugeot manages a feat Renault hasn’t this year: ending 2018 in the Top 2 of every single 100 French department, whereas Renault drops to 3rd in 3 departments (25, 70 and 90) and even to 4th in 976-Mayotte. Citroen confirms its overall 3rd position by finishing at that level in 83 departments, peaking at #2 in 25-Doubs, 70-Haute Saone and 90-Territoire de Belfort. Dacia also peaks at #2, this time in 976-Mayotte (we covered this here), ranks 3rd seven times and 4th 67 times. Volkswagen peaks at #3 in 5 departments, Ford peaks at #3 in two departments (60 and 976), Toyota peaks at #4 in 3 (04, 56 and 93), BMW in 2 (67 and 75) and both Opel (68) and Mercedes (78) in one. Fiat, Nissan, Hyundai and Kia manage to finish at #5 at least once while DS posts two Top 10 finishes in 2B-Haute Corse and 25-Doubs and Smart just misses at a record #11 in 75-Paris.

Dacia reaches a record 20.7% share and #2 in 976-Mayotte.

Looking at the highest market share reached by each carmaker, Peugeot is the best performer, hitting 34.9% share in 25-Doubs with Renault up to 34.1% in 86-Vienne. The next best thing is Dacia soaring to a mammoth 20.7% share in 976-Mayotte, Ford up to 18.3% in 976-Mayotte, Citroen up to 16.4% share in 25-Doubs and Volkswagen up to 13.4% in 02-Aisne. No other manufacturer manages to pass the symbolic 10% market share milestone in any French department, with the closest ones being Fiat at 9.1% in 76-Seine Maritime (thanks to rentals), Nissan at 7.7% in 35-Ille et Vilaine, BMW at 7.6% in 67-Bas Rhin, Toyota at 7.3% in 04-Alpes de Haute Provence and Opel at 7.3% in 80-Somme. Finally which department has a brands ranking most closely matched to the national order? It’s 40-Landes with the entire Top 9 best-selling brands identical to the national French 2018 ranking.

Alongside the Top 20 brands for each 100 department, you can consult below a complete table of how many times each Top 20 brand has reached a certain ranking, the detail of their highest share and highest ranking in a summary table.

Full Year 2018 Top 20 brands for each 100 French department vs. Full Year 2017 figures below.

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