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Venezuela Full Year 2018: Previous gen Toyota Hilux tops devastated market

The previous generation Toyota Hilux is estimated to be the best-seller in a devastated Venezuelan market.

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The nightmare continues for the Venezuelan new car market in a country annihilated by economic crisis. Sales are down a further 37.1% to just 2.246 units vs. 130.533 in 2012 and a record high 491.899 in 2007. The association traditionally reporting sales data in the country, the Cámara Automotriz de Venezuela (CAVENEZ), closed its website two years ago. Local production for 2018 adds up to just 980 units, made up by 750 from Toyota, 216 from Ford, 13 from Mack and 1 from FCA. The total sales volume for the year includes roughly 1.400 deliveries of locally-made cars and 850 grey imports. It is estimated that the previous generation Toyota Hilux repeats at #1 for 2018.

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