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Best Selling Cars Blog has a new logo!

Today we inaugurate BSCB’s new, refreshed logo.

When I created Best Selling Cars Blog in October 2010, it was an endeavour to offer detailed worldwide new car sales data in a single place, something that until then didn’t exist anywhere on the web. Over the years, the site has evolved, its content has expanded and its role in the market has professionalised. Today, Best Selling Cars Blog is recognised as one of only a handful of global references in the auto industry when it comes to accurate, timely and extensive worldwide car sales statistics and analysis.

Our previous logo dated back to December 2011, when the site was still in its infancy. It was time for a facelift! This is the work of Geraldine Porta-Selzner, the founder of French company JOOS Com & Design. Geraldine was involved in the creation of the original logo and was therefore the best person to understand the site’s roots as well as its evolution over the past 7 years, in order to translate these changes into an updated logo.

This is her reasoning behind the new design: “Today the blog has become a site in its own right. The idea was to revamp the logo so as to move it away from a personal blog, towards a more professional identity. The new typography is more tech-oriented while remaining simple and fluid, therefore is better aligned with the very nature of the site. The use of capital letters allows a well-defined, “squared” composition, which further strengthens the professional character but also echoes the simplified number-less barcode. Alternating white and orange words improves legibility, and we also simplified the auto silhouette for a purer look.”

We hope you like our new logo as much as we do!

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  1. Congrats with another BSCB milestone. Apparently you could resist the temptation to show the silhouette of a SUV 😉

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