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Kuwait Full Year 2018: Toyota Prado (-18.7%) leads for 8th straight year but Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota Camry catch up

Mitsubishi Pajero sales in Kuwait are up 14.5% in 2018.

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After a ghastly -26% in 2016 and -11.5% in 2017, new car sales in Kuwait are almost stationary in 2018 at -2.1% to miss out on the symbolic 100.000 annual mark for just 74 units. Brand leader Toyota (+2.7%) goes against the negative grain to improve its market share from 29.3% to 30.7%, still almost three times the level of the #2, Nissan (+15.3%) back above Mitsubishi (-8.3%) at 10.8% share vs. 9.3%.. Chevrolet (-8.8%), Kia (-3.3%), Hyundai (-6.5%) and Lexus (-11.9%) follow and all lose share whereas Honda (+12.3%), Ford (+11.1%) and GMC (+3.4%) round up the Top 10 with market-beating performances. Just outside, Land Rover surges 56.7% and 4 spots to #11, with Lincoln (+978.9%), MG (+193.1%), Chrysler (+90.9%), Renault (+65%), Jaguar (+41.7%), Jeep (+39.9%) and Ram (+26.7%) also scoring very healthy gains. Note the VW and BMW Groups have stopped reporting sales for the region in 2018.

Over in the models ranking, the Toyota Prado (-18.7%) lodges an 8th consecutive win despite a steep fall, while strikingly the rest of the Top 7 models all post double-digit gains: the Mitsubishi Pajero (+14.5%), Toyota Camry (+15.6%), Land Cruiser (+13%), Hilux (+28.9%), Corolla (+11.6%) and Nissan Sunny (+100.9%), with the Kia Sportage (+14.2%) and Hyundai Tucson (+3.6%) also in positive in the remainder of the Top 10 but the Chevrolet Tahoe (-20.6%) struggling. The Toyota Rush (#72) is the most popular 2018 launch followed by the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (#79), MG RX5 (#89), Jeep Compass (#100) and Jaguar E-Pace (#134).

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