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Cyprus October 2018: Toyota Yaris, Jeep Renegade lead army of SUV: 12 in Top 14

The Keep Renegade is up 1060% year-on-year in Cyprus in October.

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Thanks to our partnership with SEMO Cyprus and INNOSOFT we can share with you today October sales figures for Cyprus, a market down 4.5% year-on-year to 997 registrations, leading to a year-to-date tally almost perfectly stable vs. the same period in 2017 at 11.328 vs. 11.333. The Toyota Yaris (+54%) is up 5 spots on September to reclaim the pole position it holds year-to-date, followed this time by a very impressive Jeep Renegade up 11-fold on October 2017 to #2 and 5.8% share. It is now #10 YTD at 2.2%, up 421%. It turns out the Yaris is the only passenger car in the Top 9, with all remaining nameplates being SUVs! The Toyota C-HR (+17%) drops one spot on last month to a still outstanding 3rd place, also its YTD ranking, ahead of the Nissan Qashqai (+24%), Hyundai Tucson (-44%), Kia Sportage (-17%), Nissan Juke (+9%), X-Trail (+85%) and VW Tiguan (-25%). The BMW X1 (-22%), Honda HR-V (+125%), Toyota RAV4 (-6%) and Kia Stonic even make it 12 SUVs in the Top 14…

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Full October 2018 Top 30 best-selling models below.

Cyprus October 2018 – models:

Note: This ranking features the Top 30 models YTD ordered based on their October sales and may therefore not be 100% accurate.

1Toyota Yaris636.3%54%65164.6%15%14
2Jeep Renegade585.8%1060%32452.2%421%10n/a
3Toyota C-HR494.9%17%24654.1%6%35
4Nissan Qashqai474.7%24%14954.4%6%23
5Hyundai Tucson424.2%-44%43643.2%-29%62
6Kia Sportage252.5%-17%73112.7%-9%78
7Nissan Juke242.4%9%152422.1%-4%1111
8Nissan X-Trail242.4%85%112151.9%-14%1512
9VW Tiguan242.4%-25%81951.7%-14%1710
10VW Golf222.2%-31%172252.0%-22%139
11BMW X1181.8%-22%221611.4%5%2018
12Honda HR-V181.8%125%131431.3%-29%2415
13Toyota RAV4171.7%-6%121511.3%-15%2219
14Kia Stonic161.6%new262382.1%new12n/a
15Kia Rio151.5%-17%233953.5%-9%47
16VW Polo151.5%15%201181.0%-51%2813
17Range Rover Evoque141.4%17%211741.5%17%1822
18Ford Kuga121.2%-25%103673.2%124%516
19Ford Focus121.2%-89%93032.7%-42%81
20Suzuki Vitara121.2%20%241401.2%-33%2514
21VW T-Roc111.1%new52061.8%new16 –
22Mercedes GLC111.1%0%141221.1%4%2728
23Citroen C3111.1%267%281101.0%41%30n/a
24Kia Picanto101.0%11%272972.6%99%924
25Mini Countryman101.0%100%162232.0%346%14n/a
26Ford Fiesta101.0%-17%191221.1%-72%266
27Audi Q370.7%-36%251121.0%22%29n/a
28Peugeot 300850.5%67%301511.3%421%21n/a
29Nissan Micra50.5%0%181491.3%133%23n/a
30Skoda Fabia20.2%-60%291661.5%181%19n/a


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