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Cyprus July 2018: Jeep Renegade and VW T-Roc superstars

The Jeep Renegade is the best-selling vehicle in Cyprus in July.

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Now updated with actuals for the Jeep Renegade

Thanks to our partnership with SEMO Cyprus and INNOSOFT, we can share with you today new car sales data for July when the market gains 3.3% to 1.138 registrations, lifting the year-to-date tally up 1.5% to 8.752 units. It’s another very volatile month atop the Cypriot model ranking: the Jeep Renegade – most likely boosted by a fresh rental car order coinciding with its facelift – is the hero of the month, making its vey first appearance in any Cypriot Top 30 directly in pole position (!!) with 6.2% share, earning a #18 spot YTD, with the Kia Sportage soaring 110% year-on-year to take the 2nd spot ahead of the Toyota Yaris (+36%) itself bypassing the Nissan Qashqai and Kia Rio to leap from #3 to #1 year-to-date. The VW T-Roc also impresses, up three spots on June to land in 4th place, the model’s highest ranking worldwide, beating the #5 spot it scored in Austria and Switzerland. Other great performers include the Peugeot 3008 (+950%), Range Rover Evoque (+425%), Ford Kuga (+158%), Fiat Tipo (+100%) and Kia Rio (+75%).

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Full July 2018 Top 30 models ranking below.

Note: This ranking features the Top 30 models YTD based on their July sales figure and may not be 100% correct.

Cyprus July 2018 – models:

1Jeep Renegade706.2%n/an/a1271.5%226%18n/a
2Kia Sportage635.5%110%32532.9%-1%88
3Toyota Yaris605.3%36%63814.4%20%14
4VW T-Roc514.5%new71351.5%new17 –
5Ford Kuga494.3%158%83133.6%190%516
6Toyota C-HR474.1%-11%23544.0%9%45
7Nissan Qashqai433.8%16%43774.3%13%23
8Kia Rio353.1%75%13674.2%-2%37
9Hyundai Tucson353.1%-10%52783.2%-23%72
10Kia Picanto292.5%n/a102803.2%119%624
11Ford Focus272.4%-34%202482.8%-21%91
12VW Tiguan252.2%9%251241.4%-26%1910
13Honda HR-V242.1%9%22981.1%-41%2515
14VW Golf232.0%53%141591.8%-33%159
15Range Rover Evoque211.8%425%91441.6%25%1622
16Peugeot 3008211.8%950%291231.4%4000%20n/a
17Nissan Juke201.8%-20%111932.2%7%1211
18Toyota RAV4161.4%-30%131071.2%-16%2419
19Audi Q3151.3%n/an/a851.0%29%30n/a
20Nissan X-Trail131.1%-43%171591.8%-22%1412
21Suzuki Vitara131.1%-35%151111.3%-39%2314
22BMW X190.8%-36%241111.3%-3%2218
23Kia Stonic80.7%new232112.4%new10n/a
24Nissan Micra80.7%14%261181.3%174%21n/a
25Ford Fiesta70.6%-73%19941.1%-76%266
26Citroen C350.4%-64%30921.1%100%28n/a
27Mini Countryman40.4%-67%271952.2%596%11n/a
28Fiat Tipo40.4%100%28911.0%2933%29n/a
29Skoda Fabia20.2%-83%121601.8%208%13n/a
30Toyota Corolla10.1%-92%16921.1%-32%2725


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