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Media post: Tips For Enjoying A Formula 1 Race

It’s hard to truly appreciate high-end cards without developing at least a mild affinity for Formula 1 racing. We’ve written about some of the major manufacturers that play the biggest roles in the sport (most notably Mercedes), and mentioned Formula 1-style pilots as well. But diving into the thrill of a Formula 1 race is a different story altogether. That’s what we’re tackling now however, with the following tips on how to enjoy these races, and the stunning cars and incredible drivers that come with them.

Start Following The Sport

The very first thing to do if you’re interested in attending a Formula 1 race is to start following the sport. Now, this may be something you’re already doing if this is something that interests you, but whatever the case may be, a good idea of how things are going in F1 will make the race that much more enjoyable. You’ll want to know the standings, understand which drivers are competing with which vehicles, and possibly even study up on the history of specific grand prix events. The experience will still feel new if it’s your first race, but the background information you have will make it all the more interesting.

Choose Your Favorite Destinations

This is a pretty basic step, but still an important one. Formula 1 happens to travel to some of the most interesting places on the planet: Australia, Singapore, Japan, Monte-Carlo…. There are differences in the tracks and the style of racing at these different stops, but if you’re traveling to see a race you might want to prioritize by destination rather than by race. That way you can enjoy a trip that means something to you in the days before or after the race itself.

Look Into Budgeting Tips

From travel to securing race tickets, Formula 1 can be an expensive hobby. It’s going to be easier to enjoy if you spend a little bit of time finding some budgeting tips. For instance, one guide to attending the Monaco Grand Prix for $100 (which sounds borderline impossible) provided the incredible tip of getting a ticket to free practice. The drivers feel out the track and test out their cars in the days before the big race, and sometimes you can get very close during these practice sessions without spending much (or any) money. That way a cheaper ticket for the race itself probably won’t bother you. It’s just one tip, but it gives you the idea.

Look Into Betting Options

While it’s not essential, and there are certainly some who are uncomfortable with it, wagering is a fairly big component of Formula 1 culture. For this reason, you might want to devote some of your research to finding the right platform to bet on a driver or car from. In Australia, there are plenty of sites to sift through in this regard, and you can look at a number of different factors (welcome bonuses, fees, betting options, etc.) to make your decision. However, your selection may change depending on where you ultimately end up going to a race.

Enjoy The Race

Finally, don’t overthink it! Formula 1 is an incredibly exhilarating experience. It does require some advance planning, but you don’t want to be too preoccupied with the details once you’re there. The race itself is the main attraction, and you’ll want to focus on every moment of it.

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