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Sponsored feature: Eco-friendly bikes and organ designs

M Org. Picture courtesy of

With skyrocketing fuel costs and a weak economy, many individuals around the world are searching for ways to save money. For the solo rider, purchasing a motorcycle has become a popular choice for saving on gas. Boasting of up to 90 miles per gallon, scooters and motorcycles are able to save on fuel costs. In recent years, a new motorcycle goes above and beyond typical eco-friendly bikes. Dubbed the Organic Bike, this motorcycle combines the thrill of riding with an environmentally stable design. Get yourself some cheap bike insurance to cover your motorbike at

Organic Bike: Designed by the Russian, Michael Smolyanov, the Organic Bike’s official name is M-Org. It was designed to combine the concepts of organic gardening with teeth-rattling horsepower. This exceptional bike looks like something out of a superhero movie, but drives like a dream. Smolyanov produced a bike that was both green in color and green in design. It is comprised of completely organic materials and boasts of a larger-than-life style. Since the steering components and suspension are made of entirely organic materials, the bike is far lighter than it appears. This helps to make it efficient on gas mileage and easier for smaller riders to handle.

Frog eBike. Picture courtesy of aboutalternativecars.comFrog eBike

The Frog eBike: Another technologically innovative bike is the Frog eBike by Kin Soek Hwang. It combines the latest electric concepts with efficiency. This bike contains an electric engine and mono-shock suspension on its rear wheel. Designed to be environmentally friendly, the bike has an electric motor placed near its back tire while the battery it uses is under the chassis. Based off of the Yamaha FZ750, the bike is not going to be ridden any time soon. This fully recyclable design is currently display at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art as a symbol of innovation and technology.

Yamaha EC-Miu. Picture courtesy of blog.motorcycle.comYamaha EC-Miu

A Bike to watch out for: In upcoming years, the eco-friendly bike to look out for is the EC-Miu Electric Concept. Designed by Yamaha, this bike is intended to be the first fully electric bike ever manufactured. Yamaha has been working on this project as an effort to show the efficiency of an e-bike. To enhance stability, the bike is outfitted with two wheels in bike instead of just one. The concept originated as a way to make motorcycles friendlier to women. Each component of the bike was created to emphasize safety and ergonomics. Once the bike is in production, it can be charged at G-Stations. For the techies out there, the EC-Miu Electric Concept will be outfitted with Wi-Fi capability. Riders will be able to look up directions and navigate from any location using their smartphone.

From eco-friendly designs to organic structures, motorcycles are quickly becoming one of the best ways to support the environment. These new design concepts are easy on the eye and boast of significant cost savings on gas. For new riders, the technological features on the motorcycles can help lower car insurance and make the bikes easier to handle. With designs spanning the globe, the new pinnacle of the motorcycle world is sure to be an international one.

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