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Media post: Best-selling Luxury Mercedes Cars of all Time

Bestselling Luxury Mercedes Cars of all Time

It doesn’t matter whether you love to drive or are just interested in cars, you would love to know about the bestselling luxury cars either way. Meant for the wealthy, these cars probably do a lot more than what yours and mine would do. The focus here for luxury cars, is on comfort, style and elegance rather than fuel economy, which we would probably be looking a while buying one. And while we are sure there are a good many options to choose from for the rich, we will talk about the top Mercedes cars that have graced us in the years gone by, and promise that we will discuss the even less accessible Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 in another article.

Cars, after all, are that one luxury that people not only need but like to possess. And if the car is a luxury one, then there’s nothing like it. Among the variety of luxury cars available in the market, Mercedes-Benz C-Class is the bestselling luxury car of all time. Individuals who think of luxury cars decide to own this first.

The unmatched style of Mercedes-Benz C-Class:

This C-Class variation of Mercedes Benz has been on the market since 1994 and for the past 24 years have been one of the most opted brands of luxury cars in the world. With varied features such as style, driver assistance technology and safety features the C-Class variation of this brand has won hearts and accolades of performance mongers for cars. Mercedes Benz C-Class comes in convertibles, sedan and coupes. With various models springing up with the passing of time Mercedes Benz has turned out to be a great option.

The present models:

With power-driven style and advanced features, the C-Class varieties have improved rapidly over the years. Presently, AMG versions of the Mercedes Benz C-Class are performance driven cars that are neat and smart. With dapper cars from a basic C300, one can choose to go with other AMG versions such as AMG C63, AMG C63 S and AMG C43. Also, the amalgamated plug-in version of C350e and the stylish C300 4Matic are the sought after ones. All these current models define the add-on features, and sub-forms of models such as C300 comes in sports as well as luxury models that are different from one another with a difference in wheel design, in styling and a slight variation in suspension. But all these models are equipped to offer the purchaser with an ample amount of style, comfort and a host of modern technological advances.

The earlier ones:

In the past 24 years, there have been severe technological changes everywhere, and cars have been no exception. Mercedes Benz has owned this changed and introduced variations since 1995 with the advent of AMG versions that powered the then C36, followed by C43.

The major changes came in Mercedes C-Class from 2001 to 2007 that saw the debut of models such as C320 wagon, C240, C230 Kompressor hatchback coupe with two-door and more. By the start of 2012 to 2016 it saw multiple changes in style and look to compete with their contemporaries.

(photo by order_242 from Chile)

The cars started to get an upgrade with technologies and hardware up-gradation with the introduction of models like C450. With customer praises, especially from all those who have driven Mercedes Benz C-Class cars, it’s reliability, and a track record of winning accolades by scoring well in the crash tests makes it the best in the luxury car section.

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