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Paraguay Full Year 2017: Toyota Hilux & Chevy S10 top market up 33.9%

The Toyota Hilux remains the best-seller in Paraguay. Picture

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After enduring steep declines both in 2015 (-20%) and 2016 (-15.3%), the Paraguyan new light vehicle market rallies back in 2017 with a stunning 33.9% gain to 27.851 registrations. SUVs are up 20.7% to 7.902, passenger cars up 35.2% to 10.886 while pickups pull the market up at +45.6% to 8.478. Brazil is the first origin of new cars imported into Paraguay with a 34.6% share, followed by South Korea (17.7%), Argentina (14.5%), Mexico (8%), China (6.2%), India (3.9%), Japan (3.8%), Germany (3.7%), Thailand (2.3%) and the U.S. (1.6%). For reference in 2012 this ranking was led by South Korea (28.7%) then Brazil (15.5%), Argentina (11.7%), China (9.4%), Thailand (9.4%) and Japan (9.2%) showing a clear trend towards sourcing new cars in other Latin American countries representing 57.1% of sales in 2017 vs. 31.3% in 2012.

Chevrolet S10 sales are up 99% year-on-year in 2017 in Paraguay.

Despite this, Kia remains the most popular carmaker in Paraguay for 2017 but sees its share drop almost 6 percentage points from 20.7% in 2016 to just 15% this year due to sales down 3%. In contrast, Chevrolet is up 3-fold to 14% at #2 vs. just 6.3% and #5 a year ago. Toyota (+22%) stays in third place while Hyundai (-16%) drops two spots to #4 and VW is down one rank to #5 in spite of deliveries shooting up 72% year-on-year. Fiat is up 321% to #6, with Suzuki (+64%), Jeep (+60%) and Nissan (+55%) frankly outpacing the market inside the Top 10 and Ssangyong (+95%), Peugeot (+74%) and Mercedes (+46%) doing so further down. Like in 2016, Changan (+33%) is the best-selling Chinese carmaker at #13, it is joined inside the Top 10 by Brilliance (#16).

The Hyundai HB20x lands directly inside the Paraguayan Top 10 for 2017. 

Model-wise, the Toyota Hilux remains the best-selling vehicle in Paraguay for at least the 7th consecutive year but sees its market share drop from 10.3% in 2016 to 7.9% this year due to registrations up just 2%. The Chevrolet S10 (aka Colorado) makes it two pickups in the Top 2, doubling its sales year-on-year and gaining 5 spots on 2016. The Kia Sportage advances to the podium despite dropping 13%, ahead of the Chevrolet Onix storming into the Top 15 directly to #4. The Kia Picanto (-39%) freefalls to #5 while the Fiat Strada (#7) and Hyundai HB20x (#10) break into the Top 10. Notice also the Jeep Renegade at #17 vs. #14 in 2016.

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