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China LCV Full Year 2017: Wuling dominates, pickups gain 18%

The Wuling Mini Truck is the best-selling LCV in China for the third straight year.

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After the Full Year 2017 Report for Passenger Cars, thanks to our partnership with Chinese consultancy outlet Cedars we can share with you detailed light commercial vehicles data for China over the Full Year 2017, with complete minivan, pickup and mini truck data by model available. Note LMC Automotive-sourced Light Truck/Van data was discontinued in 2017 except for Ford Transit and JMC Light Truck sales provided by Ford. Minivans continue their descent into hell but somewhat slow down their freefall at -21% in 2017 to 512.033 registrations vs. -37% in 2016. Up until 2016 we witnessed a sales transfer from Minivans onto Mini Trucks (the pickups variants of minivans) but this year that category is also down at -3% to 566.940 – note inconsistencies with the 2016 Data Report come from some manufacturers releasing both 2017 and 2016 data simultaneously.

The Wuling Hongguang V remains #2 but drops 13%.

As it was the case in 2016, the one-tonne pickup segment is the hero of the pack with deliveries shooting up 18% to 410.665 units vs. +11% a year ago, benefiting once again from a loosening up of legislation forbidding them to enter main cities (more details on this change here). All-in-all, LCV sales add up to 1.489.638 units, almost 100.000 below the 2016 result or a 5.7% drop. It’s important to note that this is only a small part of all commercial vehicles sold in China in 2017, which total 4.160.600 units, up 13.9% year-on-year thanks to very dynamic heavy truck sales.

The Great Wall Wingle 5 remains the uncontested leader in the pickup segment. 

Wuling remains the uncontested Light Commercial Vehicle leader in China despite a 15% year-on-year drop pulling it from 700.000 sales in 2016 to under 600.000 this year, with two nameplates each selling more than the 2nd best-selling brand. Chana comes in at #2 with surprisingly stable deliveries just under 163.000 units, followed like in 2016 by Dongfeng up 2% to 154.000. Great Wall (+13%) and JMC (+16%) surf on the pickup wave to overtake Foton (-37%) handicapped by weak minivan sales. Jinbei leaps up 48% but remains 7th, distancing ZX Auto (+5%), Jiangxi Isuzu (+69%) – the only sino-foreign joint venture in the Top 10 and Huanghai (+20%). Beyond the Top 10, notice KAMA (+30%), JAC (+34%), Changhe (+34%), Zhengzhou Nissan (+34%), FQT Motor (+174%) and Leopaard (+219%) all positing spectacular gains.

The ZX Auto Terralord is the most popular new LCV launch for 2017… 

Over in the models charts, the Wuling Mini Truck – the pickup variant of the Rongguang Minivan – is the most popular LCV in China for the third consecutive year, managing to edge up 1% to over 255.000 units. The Wuling Hongguang V cements the brand’s supremacy in the segment but drops 13% year-on-year two under 175.000 sales. Below the JMC Light Truck up 5%, the Great Wall Wingle 5 cements its domination of the pickup segment with deliveries up 8%. The Chana Star (+2%) and Dongfeng K-Series (+18%) Mini Trucks both overtake the once-mighty Wuling Sunshine (-39%) and Rongguang (-36%) freefalling Minivans, a sign of the times, while the Chana Star Minivan manages to contain its fall to -6% at #9.

…followed by the Zhengzhou Nissan Navara. 

Among pickups, the most dynamic nameplates include the Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai (+87%), JMC Yuhu (+58%), Jiangxi Isuzu D-Max (+42%), JAC Pickup (+34%), Great Wall Wingle 6 (+32%) and Huanghai N2-Series (+31%), while among Mini Trucks the Changhe (+58%), Jinbei (+52%) and KAMA (+30%) are among the biggest gainers and Minivans have the FQT M70 (+174%) and Jinbei Haise (+45%). The most popular all-new LCV in China in 2017 is the ZX Auto Terralord with just under 14.000 units, followed by the Zhengzhou Nissan Navara at 10.500 and the Maxus T60 Pickup at 7.900.

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