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China 2 months 2014: Buick Excelle XT/GT above Excelle

Buick Excelle GT China February 2014. Picture courtesy of mycar168.comBuick Excelle GT

* See the Top 323 All-models and Top 67 All-brands by clicking on the title! *

After exploring in detail Chinese February sales figures it is now time to look at the year-to-date ranking to extract longer term trends. First observation is the podium is unchanged year-on-year, with the Wuling Hongguang up 31% to 146,282 sales (note one year ago it wasn’t assimilated as a Passenger Car yet) ahead of the VW Lavida up 29% to 107,415 units and the Ford Focus up 10% to 64,284 sales. Just below, the VW Santana explodes, gaining 172% and 29 spots year-on-year to #4 and 55,431 units. For the first time in a YTD ranking, the Buick Excelle XT/GT is above its Excelle namesake at #5 and 50,426 sales (+33%) vs. 48,641 (+8%) however the Excelle should reclaim the advantage soon, if February sales are any indication.

ChangAn Eado China February 2014. Picture courtesy of bitauto.comChangAn Eado sales are up 51% so far in 2014.

The rest of the Top 10 is 100% Volkswagen: the Passat is up 6% to #7, followed by the Sagitar (+8%), Jetta (+15%) and Tiguan (+19%). Up a massive 60% compared to when it was still called Great Wall, the Haval H6 is just about to enter the Top 10 at #11. Illustrating a trend we saw clearly in February, the next best-selling Chinese models are new faces: the ChangAn Honor follows at #22, ahead of the Dongfeng Future at #28, ChangAn Eado up 51% to #32, BYD S6 at #35 and Great Wall M4 at #36 whereas the Emgrand EC7 is down 35% to #38.

Chery E3 China February 2014. Picture courtesy of xcar.com17,399 Chery E3 found a buyer in China in two months.

As far as the 49 (!) all-new entrants over the period, the Honda Crider leads the charge at #30 with 24,161 sales with the Hyundai Mistra not far behind at #37 and 19,782, even taking the advantage on the Crider in February at #39 vs. #43. The Toyota Vios could nearly be considered a new model, the new generation being up 18766% (!) over the old one so far in 2014 at #40 and 18,300 units. We then have the Chery E3 at #46 with a very substantial 17,399 sales, the Ford Mondeo at #54 and 16,070 units, Dongfeng Fengguang at #58 and 15,501 sales and the Haima M3 at #64 and 14,360 units.

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Full 2 months 2014 Top 323 All-models and Top 67 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

China 2 months 2014 – brands:

18Great Wall Haval50,80519
19Great Wall48,62515
28Beijing Auto (BAIC)24,74338
29SAIC Roewe23,79930
32Geely Emgrand20,11325
34Geely Englon18,63132
36Geely Gleagle17,09926
39SAIC MG9,36941
56Citroen DS1,60466
60Chery Karry1,01660
62Zhongxing (ZX Auto)68659
63Qoros350 –
64FAW Hongqi17362

Note this ranking excludes imports.

China 2 months 2014 – models:

Note this ranking excludes imports.

1Wuling Hongguang146,28231%111,86111
2VW Lavida107,41529%83,15622
3Ford Focus64,28410%58,36633
4VW Santana55,431172%20,3453320
5Buick Excelle XT/GT50,43633%37,9881114
6Buick Excelle48,6418%44,86564
7VW Passat48,5436%45,990511
8VW Sagitar47,5788%43,86276
9VW Jetta46,98515%41,03287
10VW Tiguan45,94819%38,7081015
11Haval H642,80860%26,7612012
12Nissan Sylphy42,61521%35,365148
13Chevrolet Cruze42,58113%37,596139
14VW Polo42,57031%32,5701724
15Chevrolet Sail42,245-18%51,46445
16Hyundai Verna39,098-2%40,082917
17VW Bora38,97916%33,5301610
18VW Magotan37,62941%26,6502119
19Hyundai Elantra Langdong37,2157%34,7721513
20Honda CR-V32,14634%23,9032516
21Hyundai Elantra Yuedong28,761-24%37,9781222
22ChangAn Honor27,137n/an/a59
23VW Golf27,01050%18,0123848
24Kia K226,1748%24,1902428
25Kia K325,27911%22,7602729
26Audi A6L24,695-3%25,4742325
27Hyundai ix3524,6098%22,8132623
28Dongfeng Future24,37729%18,9113543
29Toyota Camry24,27217%20,8173221
30Honda Crider24,161new0 –58
31Chevrolet Malibu23,09356%14,8195351
32ChangAn Eado22,71051%15,0735260
33BMW 5-Series L21,89822%17,8773935
34Ford Kuga20,7221769%1,10921253
35BYD S620,12122%16,4724757
36Great Wall M420,09719%16,8384431
37Hyundai Mistra19,782new0 –191
38Emgrand EC719,688-35%30,0731818
39Toyota RAV418,82949%12,5987140
40Toyota Vios18,30018766%97265160
41Audi A4L17,8736%16,8874336
42Venucia R50/D5017,83323%14,4575445
43Roewe 35017,77811%16,0234841
44ChangAn CS3517,65493%9,1488968
45Skoda Octavia17,582-17%21,1013138
46Chery E317,399new0 –157
47Citroen C-Elysée17,36994%8,9599371
48Audi Q517,11026%13,5355847
49Nissan Qashqai17,05130%13,1186533
50Nissan Tiida16,969-2%17,3044030
51Buick GL816,80358%10,6477873
52Dongfeng Joyear16,52124%13,2856274
53BYD F3 Surui16,234-27%22,2062834
54Ford Mondeo16,070new0 –134
55Great Wall Voleex C3015,768-40%26,4672232
56Buick Regal15,732-6%16,7264563
57Toyota Corolla15,519-2%15,8954927
58Dongfeng Fengguang15,501new0 –151
59Brilliance FSV/H33015,452199%5,164130156
60Citroen C-Quatre15,174-32%22,1642949
61Kia Sportage R15,16513%13,4665962
62BMW 3-Series L14,759109%7,06611386
63Buick LaCrosse14,437-5%15,1505161
64Haima M314,360new0 –112
65Skoda Rapid14,3212758%501230133
66Toyota Highlander14,2838%13,2756355
68Audi Q313,777new0 –128
69Peugeot 30813,7315%13,0466765
70Hyundai Sonata13,689-10%15,2145046
71ChangAn Yuexiang V313,6389%12,5557267
72Kia Forte Furuidi13,30672%7,755106123
73Buick Encore13,241-1%13,3186184
74FAW Besturn X8013,205new0 –116
75Hyundai Santa Fe12,939-7%13,9425769
76Citroen C4L12,48085%6,75911690
77Nissan Teana12,441477%2,15618644
78Chery QQ12,279-58%29,0861937
79Beijing E-Series12,018100%6,00912485
80FAW Besturn B5011,96312%10,6907782
81FAW Xiali N3/N5/N711,911-38%19,3533450
82Toyota Corolla EX11,895-37%18,8453626
83GAC Trumpchi GS511,87822%9,7068777
84Suzuki Beidouxing11,492-37%18,1663772
85Nissan Livina11,420183%4,03815075
86Toyota Yaris L11,378new0 –280
87Peugeot 30111,168new0 –253
88Chery Tiggo 510,879new0 –249
89Great Wall Voleex C5010,8045%10,3278278
90Beijing Weiwang M2010,602new0 –200
91Ford Ecosport10,457new0 –87
92Peugeot 300810,39931%7,95010499
93JAC Refine10,20512%9,1239094
94ChangAn Benben Mini10,200-29%14,28455102
95VW Santana Vista9,9602%9,8088481
96BYD L39,859-42%17,1204152
97Mazda CX-59,842new0 –175
98ChangAn Ouliwei9,81157612%17288176
99Honda Civic9,3923%9,0819280
100Kia K59,3619%8,5879992
101Ford Fiesta9,258278%2,446178105
102Shanghai Englon King Kong9,23029%7,162110114
103Zotye Z3009,22912%8,20510188
104Lifan X609,136-6%9,7658591
105Dongfeng Fengshan H30/S308,821-24%11,61474103
106ChangAn CX208,79727%6,910114146
107Honda Accord8,721-32%12,8477039
108JAC Refine S58,661new0 –154
109Peugeot 4088,579-18%10,4558193
110Mercedes E-Klasse L8,501129%3,720153130
111Nissan Sunny8,498-60%21,4743042
112Haval H57,997-20%10,0508383
113ChangAn Yuexiang V57,933-36%12,40673100
114Suzuki S-Cross7,917new0 –285
115Chery Fulwin 27,873-52%16,4954670
116Baojun 6307,7772%7,60210776
117VW Touran7,74920%6,438120137
118Suzuki Alto7,729-40%12,8716989
119Kia Sportage7,7048%7,124111113
120Honda City7,618-42%13,0906654
121Chery Tiggo7,575-44%13,4596066
122Hyundai Tucson7,05017%6,04112395
123Mercedes C-Klasse7,05096%3,598156124
124Landwind X5/X6/X8/X97,018194%2,390181178
125Fiat Viaggio6,93616%5,958125106
126Chery Arrizo 76,819new0 –199
127Baojun Yuechi (Spark)6,79124%5,471128150
128Honda Jade6,663new0 –161
129VW CC6,604-25%8,77496117
130BYD F36,524-62%17,1204264
131Chevrolet Captiva6,212152%2,462177126
132Shanghai Englon SC76,167-29%8,65097109
133BMW X16,159159%2,382183174
134Mercedes GLK5,99328%4,678141120
135Citroen C55,9872%5,896126121
136Brilliance H2305,902-46%10,94975101
137Toyota Reiz5,718-37%9,0889179
138Haima S7 Knight5,71814%5,027134115
139JAC Heyue5,671-60%14,01656127
140Lifan 7205,599369%1,194209227
141Brilliance V55,437-38%8,80895107
142Mitsubishi ASX5,31151%3,519158132
143Dongfeng Shuai5,30339%3,817152152
144JAC Heyue RS5,269-22%6,743117149
145FAW Daihatsu Xenia S80/M805,244-36%8,187102119
146MG 35,221-19%6,428121110
147Lianhua L35,16526%4,105148111
148JMC Yusheng5,076140%2,112187196
149Peugeot 2075,072-32%7,432109143
150Dongfeng Fengshan A604,822-32%7,080112159
151Gleagle GX74,805-46%8,8179497
152Skoda Fabia4,667-38%7,557108142
153Chery E54,622-65%13,15464104
154Suzuki Swift4,591-10%5,104131155
155JAC Heyue A304,577new0 –228
156Gleagle GC74,559-3%4,721140131
157Suzuki SX44,512-17%5,412129145
158Cadillac XTS4,4073667%117263181
159Mazda3 Xingcheng4,309-13%4,967135153
160BYD F04,200-55%9,4128896
161Gonow Xinglang MPV4,000new0 –248
162Hyundai Elantra3,9597%3,706154139
163Kia Cerato3,924-18%4,804138169
164Peugeot 5083,761-21%4,748139164
165Soueast V5 Lingzhi3,627-54%7,829105140
166Honda Crosstour3,556-36%5,583127108
167GAC Trumpchi GA33,428new0 –205
168Zotye Z1003,405new0 –259
169Lianhua L53,39324%2,732170148
170Zotye T6003,341new0 –317
171Haima Family3,319-60%8,363100147
172Suzuki Lingyang3,252-53%6,868115171
173Skoda Yeti3,226new0 –262
174Soueast V3 Lingyue3,219-67%9,7078698
175Skoda Superb3,174-71%10,88076129
176Gleagle Freedom Ship3,170-61%8,173103125
177Brilliance H2203,077new0 –269
178Roewe W52,95961%1,843195213
179Suzuki Liana2,93917%2,508175225
180Zotye T200 (5008)2,900-31%4,222147144
181Mazda6 Ruiwing2,78717%2,383182186
182Ciimo Si Ming2,73614%2,400180203
183Chevrolet Aveo2,713-74%10,50980135
184Honda Fit2,703-41%4,550143118
185Toyota E’Z Yizhi2,659148%1,072214190
186Nissan NV2002,62656%1,679197188
187MG 62,607-27%3,581157182
188Lifan 6202,532-50%5,100132122
189Chevrolet Epica2,505-27%3,440160185
190Gleagle Panda/GX22,393-52%4,967136138
191Ford Mondeo Classic2,389-77%10,54379141
192Toyota Prado2,291-10%2,534174184
193Huanghai Aurora2,259-9%2,489176208
194Gleagle Vision2,172-75%8,59198136
195Roewe 5502,142-41%3,629155170
196Hyundai Sonata MoInca2,118-19%2,623172197
197Changfeng Kingbox DUV2,098-34%3,164164172
198BYD Sirui2,080new0 –210
199JAC Tongyue2,044-69%6,570118177
200Jiangnan Alto2,016-42%3,467159168
201BYD G61,906-69%6,130122166
202Jinbei Granse1,895-5%1,994191183
203Honda Odyssey1,873-28%2,617173162
204Luxgen 5 Sedan1,845new0 –223
205Chery A11,815-3%1,866194215
206Kia Soul1,80527%1,417200218
207Honda Elysion1,77450%1,179211211
208Brilliance H5301,753-42%3,000166189
209DS51,604new0 –291
210Luxgen 7 SUV1,585-65%4,555142180
211Linian S11,584-44%2,824168198
212Nissan X-Trail1,576-20%1,979192194
213FAW Weizhi V51,552-76%6,568119167
214Lifan 3301,539new0 –263
215MG 51,52938%1,109213226
216Nissan March1,528768%176255275
217Lifan 5301,512613%212250255
218Lifan 6301,511new0 –272
219BYD Qin1,507new0 –337
220Yema F121,47374%848219246
221Chery Cowin 21,456-71%5,059133187
222Haima 2 Cupid1,447-67%4,358145179
223Peugeot 3071,402-65%3,983151193
224Shanghai Englon SC61,387-69%4,512144163
225ChangAn Raeton1,382189%478231238
226Toyota Crown1,367-21%1,733196173
227Hawtai Santa Fe1,356-67%4,063149192
228Gonow Saboo G3/Aoosed G51,250122%562228270
229Beijing B401,200new0 – –
230Honda Spirior1,162-3%1,198208242
231Hawtai (Baolige) B351,128-58%2,708171220
232FAW Oley1,09851%726223258
233Lifan 3201,085-77%4,817137158
234Shanghai Englon SX71,070new0 –214
235Jonway A3801,068new0 –231
236Foton MP-X1,057267%288245241
237Chery Cowin 31,0232173%45275268
238Karry Youya1,0160%1,015215240
239Mitsubishi Pajero Sport1,013new0 –271
240JAC Yueyue995-77%4,292146195
241Chery X1984-26%1,325205201
242Hawtai Lusheng E70974new0 –282
243Volvo S80L8877%829220266
244Fiat Ottimo881new0 – –
245Haima Freema834-73%3,074165207
247Great Wall M2784-42%1,351202221
248Shanghai Englon SC3772-76%3,243162204
249Haima Aishang (M11)735-64%2,031190261
250Kia Rio702-42%1,216207260
251Chery A3701-46%1,301206224
252Mercedes Vito69513%614227247
253Zhongxing C3 Urban Ark686new0 – –
254Toyota Land Cruiser 2006762%666226252
255BYD G3656-59%1,615199239
256Chery G364485%349241307
257BYD M6641217%202251243
258Great Wall Voleex C20R636-52%1,332204222
259FAW Weizhi V2632-10%702225276
260Beijing Senova D608new0 –217
261GAC Trumpchi GA5589-56%1,347203235
262Soueast V6 Lingshi578new0 –202
263Roewe 75050973%295244273
264Mitsubishi Lancer EX495-71%1,678198209
265Gonow Aoosed GX5480-9%527229257
267Emgrand EC8425-85%2,788169216
268Mercedes Viano41332%313242264
269Roewe 950408-54%894217265
270Nissan Paladin381-49%744221256
271Brilliance Junjie Cross368new0 –284
272BYD e636493%189254286
273Qoros 3350new0 – –
275Toyota Prius3193888%8289281
276FAW Besturn B90300-78%1,382201230
277BAW (Beijing) Jeep287-39%469232251
278Great Wall Voleex V80266-78%1,186210233
279Changfeng CS7 Feiteng265502%44277297
280Zotye Z200244-75%994216250
281Yema F10226-44%404236277
282Haima M8194new0 –329
283Mitsubishi Lancer190-59%463233254
284FAW Hongqi H7173new0 –279
285Suzuki Splash166-30%238248295
286Luxgen 7 MPV166new0 –296
287Foton MP-X Midi163-40%270247289
288Brilliance Junjie FRV163new0 –n/a
289Lifan 520/520i153-94%2,411179229
290Brilliance Junjie (BS4)149-79%711224274
291Ford S-Max130-33%194252290
292Mitsubishi Pajero126-67%380239267
293Mitsubishi Zinger11036%81267302
294Chery M1107346%24284331
295Landwind Fashion101-24%133261326
296Dongfeng Oting83-42%143259308
297Changfeng CS678-1%79269312
298Tianqi Meiya Haishi72-38%116264299
299Dongfeng Yumsun67-62%175256303
300Nissan Murano5480%30281322
301Brilliance Zunchi (BS6)35-54%76270304
302Chery Cowin 130-99%3,439161236
303BAW (Beijing) Beiqi 2020 series25new0 –325
304MG 71271%7290333
305Rely X511-81%58273318
306Mitsubishi Galant10-67%30282334
307Yema F999-87%67271338
308Chery G67-81%36278327
309Shanghai Englon SC5/Golden Eagle5-100%3,215163237
310Chery G55-97%161257313
311Luxgen Master CEO5-94%82266314
312Hafei Lobo4-43%7291293
313BAW (Beijing) 0074new0 –316
314FAW Besturn B703-100%2,088188232
315BAW (Beijing) Luba3-92%36279324
316Roewe E503new0 –319
317Rely V52-99%276246292
318Hawtai Terracan2-99%230249321
319Chery Eastar2-97%61272310
320Hafei Saima2-33%3295305
321JAC Rein1-100%1,891193278
322Changhe Ideal1-100%405235283
323Buick Park Avenue1-99%154258336


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