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China 2 months 2014: Buick Excelle XT/GT above Excelle

Buick Excelle GT China February 2014. Picture courtesy of mycar168.comBuick Excelle GT

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After exploring in detail Chinese February sales figures it is now time to look at the year-to-date ranking to extract longer term trends. First observation is the podium is unchanged year-on-year, with the Wuling Hongguang up 31% to 146,282 sales (note one year ago it wasn’t assimilated as a Passenger Car yet) ahead of the VW Lavida up 29% to 107,415 units and the Ford Focus up 10% to 64,284 sales. Just below, the VW Santana explodes, gaining 172% and 29 spots year-on-year to #4 and 55,431 units. For the first time in a YTD ranking, the Buick Excelle XT/GT is above its Excelle namesake at #5 and 50,426 sales (+33%) vs. 48,641 (+8%) however the Excelle should reclaim the advantage soon, if February sales are any indication.

ChangAn Eado China February 2014. Picture courtesy of bitauto.comChangAn Eado sales are up 51% so far in 2014.

The rest of the Top 10 is 100% Volkswagen: the Passat is up 6% to #7, followed by the Sagitar (+8%), Jetta (+15%) and Tiguan (+19%). Up a massive 60% compared to when it was still called Great Wall, the Haval H6 is just about to enter the Top 10 at #11. Illustrating a trend we saw clearly in February, the next best-selling Chinese models are new faces: the ChangAn Honor follows at #22, ahead of the Dongfeng Future at #28, ChangAn Eado up 51% to #32, BYD S6 at #35 and Great Wall M4 at #36 whereas the Emgrand EC7 is down 35% to #38.

Chery E3 China February 2014. Picture courtesy of xcar.com17,399 Chery E3 found a buyer in China in two months.

As far as the 49 (!) all-new entrants over the period, the Honda Crider leads the charge at #30 with 24,161 sales with the Hyundai Mistra not far behind at #37 and 19,782, even taking the advantage on the Crider in February at #39 vs. #43. The Toyota Vios could nearly be considered a new model, the new generation being up 18766% (!) over the old one so far in 2014 at #40 and 18,300 units. We then have the Chery E3 at #46 with a very substantial 17,399 sales, the Ford Mondeo at #54 and 16,070 units, Dongfeng Fengguang at #58 and 15,501 sales and the Haima M3 at #64 and 14,360 units.

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