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Taiwan October 2017: Luxgen U5 breaks into Top 10

The U5 hits the highest ranking for any Luxgen at home in almost 3 years. 

* See the Top 12 best-selling brands and Top 75 models by clicking on the title *

The Taiwanese new car market is down slightly in October at -0.8% to 35.512 registrations, yet the year-to-date tally remains in positive territory – just – at +0.7% to 362.016 units. Market leader Toyota is in great difficulty this month with sales down 20% year-on-year to 22.8% share, a full three percentage points below its YTD level of 25.8%. Nissan/Infiniti (+0.1%) rallies back up three spots on September to #2 overall, distancing Mitsubishi/CMC down 5%. Both Honda and Ford surge 30% ahead of their score a year ago, the only carmakers registering double-digit growth. Mercedes is up a solid 7% to #6 overall. Model-wise, the Toyota Corolla (-19%) and RAV4 (-35%) lead once again but both drop sharply, they are followed this month by the Nissan Tiida (+46%) and Honda CR-V (+87%) with the Toyota Sienta rounding up the Top 5. The Luxgen U5, launched last month, is up 82.5% and 8 spots on its inaugural score to break into its home Top 10 at #7. This is the highest ranking hit by a Luxgen nameplate since the U6 Turbo ranked #6 in January 2015. The U6 Turbo holds the record for the highest ever ranking posted by a Luxgen model at home: #3 in January 2014. Finally, notice also the Ford Kuga up 208% to #17, the Mercedes GLC up 158% to #21 and the Suzuki Vitara up 88% to #23.

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Full October 2017 Top 12 brands and Top 75 models below.

Taiwan October 2017 – brands:

2Nissan, Infiniti3,56910.1%0%535,5769.8%-5%33
3Mitsubishi, CMC3,4599.7%-5%240,82711.3%3%22
8Ford (e)1,5004.2%30%916,1954.5%6%78

Taiwan October 2017 – models:

1Toyota Corolla3,0178.5%-19%133,0889.1%-7%11
2Toyota RAV41,6294.6%-35%217,3994.8%6%22
3Nissan Tiida1,3173.7%46%810,3462.9%5%76
4Honda CR-V1,2413.5%87%39,0162.5%5%98
5Toyota Sienta1,0202.9%new711,9873.3%new340
6CMC Veryca9752.7%-11%511,4853.2%-2%44
7Luxgen U59602.7%new151,4860.4%newn/a –
8Honda HR-V8752.5%3%411,0673.1%1205%539
9Mazda CX-58642.4%135%183,2880.9%-27%3221
11Mitsubishi Delica7542.1%3%68,4172.3%1%1011
12Toyota Yaris7462.1%-27%1110,1712.8%-17%63
13Nissan Livina6982.0%-5%128,7622.4%6%89
14Nissan X-Trail6932.0%2%246,3311.7%-21%1410
15Ford Focus6631.9%0%276,0941.7%-8%1613
16CMC Zinger6611.9%12%107,8732.2%33%1216
17Ford Kuga5231.5%208%196,1521.7%33%1519
18Mercedes C Class4931.4%-11%135,3811.5%8%1718
19Toyota Vios4741.3%-21%227,1602.0%-7%1312
20Lexus NX4691.3%53%492,4190.7%7%3834
21Mercedes GLC Class4611.3%158%173,7341.0%115%2446
22Honda Fit4471.3%33%342,9840.8%-32%3122
23Suzuki Vitara4071.1%88%233,0190.8%n/a29n/a
24BMW 5 Series4061.1%24%263,4411.0%29%2630
25Toyota Camry4031.1%-15%255,1051.4%-14%1817
26Lexus RX3811.1%-20%374,0021.1%-3%2323
27Nissan Sentra3791.1%-30%354,6061.3%-25%2015
28Mercedes E Class3771.1%2%164,3841.2%15%2125
29Mazda CX-33180.9%-14%292,4540.7%8%3633
30Suzuki Carry3080.9%86%391,9390.5%n/a4844
31Hyundai Tucson3070.9%-14%283,5681.0%31%2529
32Mitsubishi Outlander2910.8%-49%413,9651.1%2%2224
33Honda Odyssey2640.7%31%302,1060.6%-9%4236
34Hyundai Elantra2400.7%18%323,1680.9%74%2742
35Mitsubishi Colt Plus2260.6%9%382,7740.8%-16%3027
36VW Tiguan2050.6%-32%472,9920.8%123%2851
37BMW X32030.6%71%62n/an/an/an/a70
38Nissan March2000.6%-9%452,2210.6%24%3749
39Ford Fiesta1940.5%-3%481,8500.5%-17%4538
40Mitsubishi Grand Lancer1930.5%new691,7730.5%new46n/a
41Honda City1870.5%-25%n/a2,0810.6%-39%4026
42Subaru Forester1800.5%-34%362,4880.7%-16%3428
43Lexus IS1780.5%-22%n/a1,4230.4%-19%5047
44VW Golf1760.5%2%332,5980.7%41%3345
45Mercedes GLA Class1710.5%n/a40n/an/an/an/an/a
46Toyota C-HR1690.5%new211,9820.5%new44n/a
47Lexus ES1590.4%-50%511,9940.6%-18%4332
48Toyota Prius C1510.4%n/a31n/an/an/an/an/a
49BMW 3 Series1510.4%-40%142,3210.6%-11%3531
50Suzuki SX41500.4%n/a53n/an/an/an/an/a
51Luxgen M7 Turbo1490.4%-9%552,0860.6%-12%3937
52Skoda Fabia1430.4%1%68n/an/an/an/a57
53VW Touran1430.4%n/a44n/an/an/an/a69
54Toyota Prius1420.4%-35%661,3810.4%n/a5155
55Toyota Previa1390.4%-13%711,5470.4%2%4953
56BMW 2 Series1370.4%-25%561,3270.4%-34%5641
57Lexus CT1320.4%n/a70n/an/an/an/an/a
58BMW X51290.4%29%54n/an/an/an/a65
59Luxgen S31290.4%-63%752,0160.6%-6%4135
60Subaru XV1250.4%n/a42n/an/an/an/an/a
61Mercedes A Class1240.3%-10%60n/an/an/an/a54
62BMW 1 Series1200.3%-12%52n/an/an/an/a61
63Mercedes S Class1180.3%1%46n/an/an/an/an/a
64Skoda Superb1170.3%44%67n/an/an/an/a74
65Infiniti Q301110.3%n/a58n/an/an/an/an/a
66Porsche Macan1060.3%-37%431,3170.4%12%5463
67Mercedes GLE Class1030.3%-11%611,6390.5%n/a4756
68Skoda Octavia980.3%27%n/an/an/an/an/an/a
69Kia Carens950.3%67%n/an/an/an/an/an/a
70BMW 7 Series940.3%-11%73n/an/an/an/a64
72Porsche Cayenne910.3%-42%n/an/an/an/an/a67
73Suzuki Ignis890.3%new50n/an/an/an/an/a
75Hyundai Santa Fe870.2%-47%571,3160.4%-31%5343


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