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Media post: What is Defensive Driving?

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What is Defensive Driving?

When a driver seeks out potential problems before they happen, then he or she is driving defensively. After all, it is important to drive safely, and, in that process, you’ll save money, time and lives.  How do you drive defensively? That’s a great question, with a complex answer. We asked the sales Manager at this Wilmington, DE Ford dealer about this, and as a result we have compiled some defensive driving tips below! We hope that you learn some things from this interesting article!

  1. Stop at red lights and stop signs. This might be a given, but the main reason why people collide at intersections is because somebody failed to stop for the red light or stop sign. Your best bet is to slow down upon approaching any intersection to try and avoid such an accident.
  2. Cut down on distractions. We know this is said easier than done, however, it’s important to consider. Cars have multiple features now like on-board computers, GPS units and touchscreens. It’s important to not allow these great gadgets to interfere with watching the road ahead.
  3. Keep room in between your car and the car ahead of you. When it is 5pm and you want to get yourself back to the house, it’s tempting to practically hit the car ahead of you. However, make sure that you have enough space in case you have to abruptly stop.
  4. Be visible. You may think you’re visible by being in a car but what we are talking about is using your lights and signals. Use the car’s turn signals, because you want other drivers to know when you are turning. Fix headlights that don’t function right away, because drivers might not be capable of making out your vehicle without them in inclement weather or at night.
  5. Look out for oncoming cars. If you’re on a 2-way street, particularly if you are riding a motorcycle, always watch out for the traffic in the opposite lane.  All you need is a truck or car cut in front of your vehicle whilst you’re taking a left and you will have an accident.  If you’re on a motorcycle, it could cut your life short.
  6. Ensure that you have good vision. If you’re supposed to wear prescription eyewear, then you must it -those glasses were prescribed for a reason. Sometimes you can’t find your glasses but without them you could cause an accident, and if the officer does not see you’re wearing your glasses or contacts you could be fined or have your license revoked.

Whether you have possessed a license for awhile or are a new driver, you had likely heard about “defensive driving” before coming across this article. Nonetheless, it’s important for every driver to practice driving defensively. It may take some practice, but through doing it you’ll be a safer vehicle operator.

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  1. When under highway speeds in heavy taffic, turn on 4 way flashers to get the attention of drivers. behind you.
    At high sustained speeds they sometimes can enter a trance of complacency and thus need a wake up.

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