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China March 2017: Baojun wins 510 bet in market up 1.7%

The Baojun 510 is an instant success but cannibalises the 560. Picture courtesy

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New light vehicles sales in China are up by a slim 1.7% year-on-year in March to 2.1 million wholesale units. Once again it’s SUVs and crossovers that are keeping the Chinese market in positive territory with sales up 20.5% to 832.199 whereas sedans are down 4.5% to 990.433, MPVs down 15% to 196.598 and microvans down 17% to 74.600. Over the first quarter of 2017, the Chinese light vehicle market is up 4.6% to a record 5.95 million units. This slower rate comes with the rise of tax on small vehicles (up to 1.6L) from 5% to 7.5% at the start of the year.

According to figures released by manufacturers themselves (retail figures including imports), General Motors is the best-selling manufacturer in China with sales up 16% year-on-year to 345.448 whereas the Volkswagen Group is down 1.1% to 324.500 units, handicapped by Audi underperforming again (-19% to 41.371) due to dealers refusing to order new cars as Audi was planning to open a second sales channel with its partner SAIC. Audi should revive over the next couple of months though as Audi said it would postpone its new plans until it would sell 900.000 annual units in China (it sold under 600.000 in 2016). Volkswagen brand sales are up 3.6% but Skoda down 15%. Year-to-date, the Volkswagen Group is down 6.7% to 891.500, VW down 3.8%, Audi down 22% and Skoda down 11%. Note Volkswagen wholesale sales are down 4% year-on-year this month as detailed in the tables below the jump.

The VW Tiguan hits its best overall ranking since September 2015.

The best-selling Japanese manufacturers all frankly beat the market: Nissan Motor Co. sales are up 9% to 120.106, followed closely by Toyota Motor Co. up 12% to 112.400 and Honda Motor Co. up 15% to 111.127. Note wholesales of locally-made Honda are up a whopping 30% to 119.976 this month, placing the brand above Toyota, Buick and Nissan. Meanwhile Ford Motor Co. sinks 21% to 90.457 excluding Lincoln. In the premium race – here too retail sales including imports – Mercedes soars 32% to 49.871 while BMW AG is up 8.3% to 50.783 and, as a reminder, Audi down 19% to 41.371. If we look at wholesales of locally-made vehicles, the picture is quite different with Audi in the lead at 41.500 (-16%), ahead of Mercedes at 37.243 (+57%) and BMW at 32.282 (+27%).

A diplomatic row over missile systems in North Korea led to some clear hesitation on the purchase of Korean car brands with Hyundai wholesales tumbling down 52% and Kia down 70%. Among local brands, Changan remains dominant in 2nd place overall below just Volkswagen thanks to deliveries up 17%, Geely continues to sport amazing gains at +70% ahead of Baojun (+9%), Haval (+7%) and Dongfeng (+7%) all beating the market but slowing down their growth. GAC Trumpchi (+42%) and Roewe (+177% thanks to the RX5 crossover and all-new i6 sedan) both post stellar year-on-year gains.

Jeep sells over 20.000 locally-produced models for the first time this month.

Now onto brands that have kick-started their local production recently. Jeep more than doubles its deliveries year-on-year at +129% to break the 20.000 locally-produced sales milestone for the very first time at 20.661, with the Compass and Renegade both posting monthly records and the Cherokee falling less than a thousand units short of doing the same. We welcome Acura in the brands ranking this month with the first units of the CDX being sold in the country. This leaves Lexus and Subaru as the only major manufacturers not engaged in Chinese local production. Renault (6.066), Hanteng (4.877), Cowin (4.773), Borgward (4.556) and SWM (4.514) are the other ‘new’ brands inside the Top 55 while Bisu is down 4 spots on February to #60.

Model-wise, the VW Lavida steps up to pole position when including sales of its hatchback variant the Gran Lavida despite sales down 4%, outselling the Wuling Hongguang (-6%). The Haval H6 marks a pause at -13% in third position ahead of the Buick Excelle (+26%), Nissan Sylphy (+2%), Toyota Corolla (+3%) and GAC Trumpchi GS4 (+7%) making it two Chinese nameplates atop the SUV ranking. Boosted up 52% by the new model, the VW Tiguan climbs onto the 9th spot overall, falling 2.000 units short of beating its monthly volume record (31.092 last January) but reaching its highest ranking in China since September 2015. This month the Tiguan is VW’s second best-seller below only the Lavida, a very rare event.

Over 10.000 GAC Trumpshi GS8 found a buyer in China this month. A first.

Further down, the Haval H2 is up 112% to #13 thanks to the addition of the H2S variants, the Geely Boyue is down four ranks on February to #18 but beats its monthly volume record at 20.461, as does the Dongfeng Fengguang 580 at 18.775, the Chevrolet Cavalier at 16.079, the brand’s only nameplate to sport a five-digit sales figure this month, and the GAC Trumpchi GS8 breaking the 10.000 monthly unit mark for the first time.

But the main story of the month to our view is another blockbuster launch by Baojun. Clearly pushing the brand in terms of design, the 510 crossover was a bet. With 18.016 sales for its second month in market, it looks like the design bet is won. However there is a big drawback to this performance: the 510 appears to be cannibalising the 560 within the Baojun range: the latter is down an abysmal 64% this month to just 15.016, keeping in mind March 2016 was its all-time record at 42.077. The next few months will give us a clear indication as to how the two nameplates can coexist in the market.

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One year ago: China March 2016: Haval H6 and Baojun 560 beat records, market up 9%

Full March 2017 Top 74 brands and Top 403 models below.

Note: These rankings only include locally produced models and exclude Light, Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles as well as imports. Some figures may be different to the body of this article that details retail sales reported by manufacturers.

China March 2017 – brands:

13Beijing Auto (BAIC, BAW)50,438-10%14122,678-26%1412
15GAC Trumpchi42,59042%16121,66553%1520
48Land Rover5,587new4812,709new5348
55Zhi Dou3,618new575,824new6060
64Great Wall1,457-69%652,796-79%6554
74FQT Motor153-63%68963-3%7273

China March 2017 – models:

1VW Lavida/Gran Lavida54,155-4%3146,008-8%23
2Wuling Hongguang52,509-6%1153,902-8%11
3Haval H640,090-13%2119,767-1%32
4Buick Excelle35,39826%4100,42321%44
5Nissan Sylphy33,9202%1684,91053%66
6Toyota Corolla31,1053%583,92517%712
7GAC Trumpchi GS430,1137%889,16921%59
8Baojun 73028,8783%983,833-14%85
9VW Tiguan/L27,88652%1578,28134%1016
10Ford Escort26,48416%1870,04211%1413
11VW Sagitar26,215-20%777,209-10%118
12VW Santana25,800-15%1975,099-12%1211
13Haval H222,880112%672,85687%1322
14ChangAn CS7522,8754%1270,0216%1520
15VW Jetta22,851-21%3278,779-2%97
16Buick Envision21,43617%2466,58418%1814
17Geely Emgrand EC720,527-1%1367,48518%1717
18Geely Boyue20,4611910%1460,7455867%2066
19Roewe RX520,128new3551,852new2284
20VW Bora19,44426%1168,48062%1619
21Dongfeng Fengguang 58018,775new1753,894new2190
22Ford Focus18,549-7%2844,529-20%2718
23Baojun 51018,016new5726,102new73
24BYD F317,67527%3739,98132%3552
25ChangAn CS3517,018-7%2749,059-8%2432
26Honda CR-V16,8501%2047,52016%2626
27Chana Honor16,490-15%2941,766-25%3241
28Chevrolet Cavalier16,079new2543,734new28137
29Baojun 31016,056new2150,120new23138
30VW Magotan16,046-2%3148,88211%2533
31Toyota Levin15,72712%4039,88215%3737
32Nissan Qashqai15,60231%6035,09432%4546
33Changan CX7015,225new3341,680new3398
34Baojun 56015,016-64%1065,041-42%1910
35Mazda3 Axela14,77719%5932,6064%5150
36VW Passat14,36411%4842,734-12%3025
37Honda XR-V14,34618%6535,067-3%4636
38Honda Civic14,283n/a3641,181503%3485
39Honda Accord13,17831%8531,48386%5548
40Ford Edge13,17644%6629,5009%6355
41Chana Oushang12,92816%4239,20675%3858
42Honda Vezel12,342-13%6831,513-3%5435
43Toyota RAV412,30119%4732,65231%5061
44Audi A6L12,177-16%5432,586-8%5249
45VW Golf11,837-30%5038,054-28%3929
46ChangAn Eado11,727-29%4435,384-26%4338
47VW Polo11,495-25%3042,451-12%3128
48VW Lamando11,410-31%7133,886-19%4744
49BMW 5-Series L11,316-9%3435,32819%4443
50Ford Mondeo11,285-17%8924,401-32%8072
51Chery Arrizo 511,176105%3936,718573%4154
52Geely Vision11,080-14%2639,96211%3647
53Buick Verano11,065-3%7235,7245%4230
54BMW 3-Series L10,8901%5530,52825%5779
55Buick GL810,72161%10029,50496%62100
56Audi Q510,692-10%7930,427-7%5853
57BAIC Huansu S310,63131%6925,865-19%7577
58Skoda Octavia10,339-26%7333,275-12%4939
59Leopaard CS1010,30028%4928,01743%6495
60Mercedes C-Klasse L10,23721%4133,64637%4868
61ChangAn CS1510,212206%7426,635670%69103
62Mercedes GLC10,158116%4630,69389%5688
63GAC Trumpchi GS810,032new7026,455new70292
64Chevrolet Sail9,97416%7526,36512%7245
65Honda Fit9,943-13%8425,249-9%7963
66Dongfeng Fengguang 3309,930-48%8125,601-58%7734
67Toyota Vios9,798-21%3830,282-7%5959
68Geely Vision SUV9,755new4529,995new61139
69Hyundai Mistra9,559-14%5130,23814%6042
70Nissan Teana9,5117%11021,2200%9082
71BAIC Huansu H39,31724%6225,8111%7667
72Mercedes E-Klasse L9,302107%5326,656110%68130
73Jeep Cherokee9,2373%6325,3209%7870
74Nissan X-Trail9,145-37%4332,248-15%5327
75Toyota Highlander9,0458%8627,21832%6580
76Honda Crider8,826-8%9322,3803%8687
77Toyota Camry8,7478%9525,8902%7474
78Chery Tiggo 3/3x8,45342%8324,083-1%8157
79Geely Emgrand GS8,295new5826,688new67128
80Audi A4L8,215-29%10123,523-27%8378
81Geely Emgrand GL8,147new6126,382new71193
82Hyundai Elantra Langdong8,018-64%2242,975-22%2915
83Dongfeng Future7,875-19%8820,994-20%9181
84Mitsubishi Outlander7,769new10218,150new105238
85Hawtai Shengdafei7,695169%9220,422150%93169
86Soueast DX37,538new7620,754new92297
87Dongfeng Joyear SUV7,2916%7827,188-2%66114
88Roewe i67,015new7,015new186
89Buick LaCrosse6,975180%10721,54341%8997
90Jeep Compass6,924new10813,553new129448
91ChangAn Yuexiang V5/V76,89222%10519,11917%97109
92Mazda CX-46,847new9819,484new95163
93Ford Kuga6,779-50%11718,977-51%9962
94VW C-Trek6,705new9117,203new108298
95Kia K36,658-48%2337,06117%4023
96BMW X16,638496%9718,72573%101132
97Haima S56,5023%7723,773-16%8273
98Nissan Tiida6,35663460%13716,16321451%112158
99Roewe 3606,276-12%5621,6098%8894
100Mercedes GLA6,20111%11818,44313%103119
101Toyota Prado5,82485%12014,32795%124168
102Hyundai Santa Fe5,77575%2248,356-2%168215
103JAC Refine5,73613%11916,375-14%111121
104Audi A35,719-5%10617,865-7%10692
105Mazda CX-55,71354%12915,59445%116140
106Hyundai Elantra Lingdong5,625new8018,774new10051
107Honda City5,62421%11114,95912%122113
108BAIC Senova X355,562new12415,760new115106
109Chery Tiggo 75,507new9019,817new94178
110FAW Jilin Xenia R75,472new6419,088new98148
111Venucia T705,470-3%10915,4341%120110
112Chevrolet Malibu5,391-6%14418,33862%10491
113BYD Song5,20011%13417,42922%10776
114Nissan Lannia5,200-32%13614,683-35%123101
115BAIC Weiwang M505,154new11411,658new138258
116Cadillac XT55,102new10315,481new119175
117Hyundai Verna5,001-66%2209,786-72%15660
118Zotye T6004,983-50%6719,139-42%9665
119FAW Besturn X404,905new4,905new219
120Hanteng X74,877new13213,822new127243
121Peugeot 3014,855-17%14711,619-34%139107
122Peugeot 4084,851-41%14314,084-34%12675
123Suzuki Vitara4,80919%2069,201-20%160154
124Landwind X5/X7/X8/X94,800-52%15413,500-45%13099
125Audi Q34,697-16%12716,862-8%10986
126Hyundai New Verna4,595new8222,999new84157
127Borgward BX74,556new1729,891new155194
128Peugeot 308/308S4,547-37%14611,145-49%14393
129SWM X74,514new11315,207new121205
130Jeep Renegade4,500new2479,754new157207
131Skoda Rapid4,431-23%11616,798-3%110118
132ChangAn CS954,401new3234,669new224
133Haval H74,400new12515,511new118142
134Toyota Yaris L Sedan4,317new4,317new229
135Honda Avancier4,290new16910,283new147286
136MG ZS4,264new4,264new233
137Lifan Myway4,257new12113,681new128134
138JAC Refine S34,095-80%9421,772-65%8721
139Karry K604,087new14912,154new134287
140Venucia T904,012new17310,495new145379
141Mazda6 Atenza4,00221%14112,10567%135177
142Renault Koleos3,995new13112,660new133332
143Nissan Sunny3,922-36%17010,066-27%150105
144Buick Regal3,835-39%14213,194-31%131115
145Land Rover Discovery Sport3,808new1398,906new161203
146Hyundai ix253,782-64%8716,107-38%11364
147Brilliance V33,769-65%1268,787-80%16471
148Dongfeng Fengxing SX63,766new1409,744new158210
149VW Golf Sportsvan3,714new15611,365new142170
150BAIC Senova X253,703-63%1578,903-59%16296
151MG GS3,608-21%12312,054-13%136141
152BAIC EC-Series3,605new1607,129new184355
153Honda Greiz3,59722%1487,805-1%176155
154Zhi Dou D2 EV3,593new1745,799new203291
155Ford Taurus3,591-4%1938,209-34%172179
156Ford Ecosport3,520-50%1878,551-50%165151
157Toyota Vios FS3,467new3,467new251
158Chevrolet Cruze3,402-79%13315,549-73%11724
159Geely GC93,338-23%15110,397-20%146135
160BAIC Huansu S63,32410%1958,409-27%167146
161Honda Jade3,300-1%2524,224-38%234197
162Haval H13,266-56%1866,184-72%192116
163Suzuki Alivio3,23571%2256,15731%194217
164Honda Gienia3,198new1357,623new177289
165Cowin X33,159new15010,164new149208
166Toyota Crown3,15933%1668,32350%170192
167BYD S73,130-64%1588,417-66%166120
168JAC Refine S53,07367%11211,48568%140202
169JMC Yusheng S3503,052136%9916,023392%114166
170Cadillac ATS-L3,04828%13811,42860%141165
171Geely King Kong3,025-57%10414,093-38%125123
172Karry K503,019-70%1987,485-64%181126
173Zotye SR92,980new1798,026new174282
174Peugeot 40082,863new17610,276new148293
175Yema T702,8614%1646,365-33%188162
176Haima S7 Knight2,838140%1966,079100%196304
177Maxus G102,815108%2126,32488%189226
178Honda Odyssey2,80212%2216,255-16%190159
179Buick Encore2,792-50%1809,474-43%159111
180Soueast DX72,752-62%13011,705-44%137104
181Skoda Rapid Spaceback2,74926%1718,817106%163199
182Mitsubishi ASX2,74351%1946,87658%187173
183Dongfeng Fengshen AX72,64274%9618,60818%102125
184Zotye Damai X52,620-76%12810,040-65%15183
185Cadillac XTS2,603-19%1619,96523%154182
186Skoda Superb2,5946%15910,01650%152153
187Jinbei Granse2,577-8%1825,77038%204253
188Honda Spirior2,54037%1904,312-8%230211
189Jinbei 7502,508-42%1688,172-42%173129
190Suzuki S-Cross2,503349%2014,72586%223296
191Volvo XC602,494-12%1758,311-10%171161
192Toyota Yaris L2,473-48%12212,974-23%132122
193Zotye SR72,459-20%2864,221-9%235156
194ChangAn Yuexiang V32,456n/a1787,807-42%175172
195Honda UR-V2,444new2,444new281
196Honda Elysion2,4131%1777,42336%183190
197Peugeot 30082,409-19%2085,381-53%213147
198Nissan Murano2,37825%2784,029-14%238220
199Changhe Freedom M502,374-19%2105,046-48%217183
200Dongfeng Fengxing Jingye S502,330131%1914,88751%220284
201Hyundai Elantra Yuedong2,301463%2603,659149%246218
202BAIC Huansu H22,25334%n/a5,24529%215252
203JAC Refine S22,177-61%16211,115-42%144143
204BYD F5 Surui2,156-15%1896,151-30%195181
205BMW 1 Series2,145new2573,032new266
206Suzuki Beidouxing2,100-24%2094,943-56%218196
207Roewe 3502,085-58%1557,587-43%179150
208Suzuki Swift2,08419%2414,785-3%222222
209Renault Kadjar2,071-25%1857,595176%178209
210Citroen C3-XR2,035-75%2025,897-73%199108
211BYD Yuan2,009129%2375,810562%202145
212VW Touran1,966-62%2166,159-39%193144
213Brilliance H3301,963-72%2184,493-55%226200
214Volvo S60L1,962-26%1925,851-1%200195
215VW CC1,941-14%2055,843-26%201198
216Dongfeng Fengshen H30/S301,926328%3195,447264%211260
217BYD Qin1,92640%2872,677-9%278186
218Venucia R50/D501,888-42%1975,410-38%212174
219Kia K21,855-80%1159,988-72%15340
220Chery Tiggo 51,835-62%1845,454-74%210131
221VW Teramont1,829new3661,882new300
222Lifan X601,81331%2992,258-23%287247
223Kandi EV (Geely)1,804n/a3481,903n/a298310
224JMC Yusheng S3301,804new1,804new303
225Hyundai ix351,793-75%1458,352-57%169112
226Haima M5 (Family)1,789-59%2425,469-65%209149
227Hawtai Lusheng E801,788newn/a2,938new269450
228Range Rover Evoque1,779new2463,803new243261
229BYD F01,73814%2583,4528%253277
230Kia Sportage1,72223%1537,55374%180288
231Zotye Damai X71,722new1634,286new231
232Infiniti Q50L1,71029%2534,3539%228228
233Suzuki Alto1,69336%2793,353-13%259263
234BAW BJ201,648new2313,770new244229
235Peugeot 20081,623-46%2693,477-65%249187
236Chevrolet Trax1,607-56%2405,048-55%216164
237Changhe Freedom M701,603new2394,064new237
238Jaguar XFL1,571new2613,415new255336
239BAW BJ401,5711108%2653,374558%257290
240BYD e51,567207%1,977148%295248
241MG 31,53938%2343,83319%242269
242Chery Fulwin 21,538-77%2135,264-71%214152
243ChangAn Benben1,535-73%1834,821-74%221136
244Dongfeng Fengshen AX51,525new1815,941new197384
245BYD Tang1,509-51%2432,806-70%273188
246JAC iEV1,502new3371,627new310329
247Chery QQ1,465-32%2823,174-48%263234
248Great Wall C301,457-61%2642,796-72%274201
249FAW Xiali N3/N5/N71,4438%2673,100-22%265271
250Bisu T31,403new2323,958new239447
251Skoda Yeti1,354-44%2174,537-40%225204
252Volvo S901,335new2632,989new267417
253Toyota Reiz1,331-48%2293,427-41%254236
254GAC Trumpchi GA61,304101%2273,851285%241262
255BMW 2-Series Active Tourer1,29317%2333,468213%250250
256Brilliance H2301,274-4%2262,86084%270330
257Haima M61,26755%2005,491116%208245
258Changhe Q351,265new2853,152new264244
259Changhe Q251,25759%3171,739120%305239
260BAIC Weiwang S501,249564%2383,3851701%256212
261MG GT1,243273%1995,541326%207231
262Cowin V31,239new2443,657new247280
263Skoda Fabia1,22431%2153,2576%262264
264Haval H51,213-46%2453,276-43%261213
265JMC E1001,178new2362,959new268430
266JAC Heyue1,15511%3512,36113%283308
267Zotye Z3001,101-21%2514,47813%227240
268Zotye Z7001,098163%2842,742268%275259
269Foton Gratour ix1,079new2144,088new236328
270BAIC Weiwang M301,071-93%2622,836-93%27156
271BYD e61,067-47%3581,259-67%323219
272Acura CDX1,055new1,055new331
273Kia K51,041-55%1677,480-8%182176
274Wuling Journey1,041-47%2922,041-57%291230
275Dongfeng Fengshen AX31,022-75%2077,129-7%185167
276Dongfeng Fengxing CM71,006new2951,468new313
277Changan EV993new1,408new317
278Hyundai Sonata 8987-74%2543,309-71%260171
279Nissan NV20096018%2741,9363%297279
280Bisu M3935new2352,700new276378
281Baojun 630930-38%379948-64%336255
282Kia KX5925-85%2193,938-34%240127
283Haima M3899-73%1885,679-45%205184
284Chery E3895-65%2831,844-71%301241
285Mercedes V-Class873new2802,391new282338
286Zotye E2008381003%2282,166647%289257
287Kia KX3835-89%2113,506-81%248117
288Ford Everest833287%2232,561240%280319
289Kia KX7813new2552,024new293
290Foton MP-X80014%3001,67010%309337
291Citroen C4L77635%2971,970-38%296227
292Haval H9775-19%2762,290-2%286272
293Kia Forte Furuidi77533%3211,026-65%332315
294Brilliance Junjie FRV768290%2732,064912%290295
295Horki 300E763new1,296new322473
296Dongfeng Fengshan A60746-78%2702,825-74%272214
297Chery eQ71913%3221,120-30%327246
298Lifan X5071854%365899-32%341242
299Hyundai Tucson704-95%5222,437-30%8531
300GAC Trumpchi GA3/GA3S67767%3061,39317%319302
301Nissan Livina67614%3091,530-20%312294
302Infiniti QX50646-28%3161,465-26%314305
303Luxgen 3 Sedan626new2881,723new306363
304Citroen C6620new2811,901new299358
305Kia K4619-80%2043,360-64%258185
306Haval H8618-20%2901,773-19%304318
307Jinbei F50610new610new354
308Qoros 5 SUV579-53%2931,81047%302276
309Chevrolet Lova RV557-51%3111,693-60%308254
310Citroen C-Quatre556n/a2712,630-69%279300
311JMC E200548new2681,694new307419
312BAIC Senova D2053855%308904-51%339371
313Leopaard Q6536-44%2911,559-17%311278
314Luxgen 6 SUV534-79%2593,668-66%245191
315Cadillac CT6528297%2502,699124%277335
316FAW Junpai D60522-30%2662,319-43%285265
317Jonway A38052022%2961,4029%318333
318Geely Panda52029%n/a931-50%337321
319Mitsubishi Pajero Sport48828%32497570%334357
320Suzuki SX4477-58%3311,097-70%328268
321Mercedes Vito47241%2941,35396%321372
322Soueast V3 Lingyue461-29%313790-63%347323
323JAC Refine A60445new1,436new315441
324FAW Besturn X80435-89%2774,279-10%232221
325Dongfeng Fengshan L6043331%330801-26%345381
326Foton Gratour im429new429new365
327Brilliance H3425new1653,465new252
328Weichai Enranger G3420-54%3101,074-69%330273
329VW Phideon403new333814new342369
330Cowin C3375new2981,411new316354
331Weichai Enranger 727375-36%34765212%352351
332Soueast V5 Lingzhi372-54%383458-83%363301
333Weichai Enranger G5370new315902new340394
334FAW Besturn B50368-79%2226,231-26%191180
335Lifan Lotto353-69%3011,390-66%320267
336Yema T80347new347375
337Weichai Enranger 737346-82%3021,217-82%324237
338Toyota Corolla EX336-86%360533-90%358235
339Haima V70325new2892,038new292309
340DS 6323-64%3381,215-63%325283
341BAIC Senova X55323-94%341599-96%355189
342FAW Besturn B30321-93%2565,666-57%206160
343GAC Trumpchi GS5321-57%367418-87%367317
344Brilliance H530290-67%n/a509-45%359359
345Chery Arrizo 7273-53%3051,135-46%326233
346Dongfeng Shuai268-70%354507-75%360325
347Roewe 550260-55%2302,338-20%284232
348Fiat Viaggio259-74%350804-74%344314
349Dongfeng Fengshan A30256-31%364552-73%357345
350ChangAn Raeton250-59%320767-55%348349
351Denza EV25023%359323-33%378382
352BYD G6249new326437new364
353Zotye Z100247new336560new356
354Fiat Ottimo241-67%n/a388-80%372341
355Foton Sauvana23814%334505-2%361387
356FAW Weizhi V5228-66%328402-79%369312
357Zotye Z500227-55%371419-77%366334
358Mitsubishi Lancer EX19797%n/a48995%362256
359BAIC Huansu S2196-23%352343-78%376356
360Huasong 7196-72%384198-76%388350
361Geely TX418323%36329014%383405
362FAW Junpai A70177new332666new350352
363BYD G5177-66%349298-81%380348
364Brilliance V5158-77%304673-75%349285
365FQT Motor EX80153-63%314963-3%335374
366Qoros 3153-81%307791-59%346303
367BAIC Huansu S5152new327399new370
368Nissan Maxima146new357293new382383
369BAW BJ80126newn/a265new385425
370GAC Trumpchi GA8123new353359new374375
371Luxgen 7 MPV1218%335388102%373388
372DS 4S11661%356288300%384396
373Chery A3114n/a272814n/a343365
374Karry Youya110150%110144%395415
375Peugeot 508100-87%339297-87%381322
376FAW Besturn B7088-90%340417-77%368347
377BYD M679-1%361169-31%391410
378Qoros 3 SUV71-85%344326-81%377342
379Changan Linmax60new36988new396
380Roewe E5052-29%318646515%353399
381Roewe 9504413%37863-67%398340
382ChangAn CX2040-97%355170-97%390275
383Lifan 5304060%38541-59%401412
384Brilliance FSV39-49%n/a42-61%400446
385Luxgen 7 SUV26-82%362111-85%394409
386Zhi Dou D1 EV25new25new404274
387Lifan 82024-49%312394-52%371385
388GAC Trumpchi GA520-90%20-96%405368
389Citroen C518-97%370195-88%389343
390Soueast V6 Lingshi17-75%n/a36-86%402431
391Bisu T517new17new406
392Brilliance H22016-80%37735-97%403397
393Haima M815-73%325205-13%387436
394DS 515-88%36866-85%397408
395Chevrolet Captiva11-99%3742,023-59%294216
396BAIC Senova D508-98%345921-54%338206
397Hawtai xEV2607new7new412
398Lifan 6206-98%37551-92%399346
399BAIC Senova D804n/a3461286300%393463
400BAIC Weiwang 0073n/a9n/a409498
401Luxgen 5 Sedan1-100%n/a8-99%411377
402Buick Excelle Old1-100%1-100%41669

Source: CAAM via

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    1. Hi Christian,
      C-Elysée figures were not made available this month. Hopefully it will return to normal next month. I’d estimate Citroen with at least twice the amount of sales in reality.
      Hope this helps.
      All the best,

  1. Although the upper section of this top 400 ranking draws most o/t attention, from #100 further down one can see 300 models with modest to extreme low sales. Re. the latter: Do I need to emphasize the total collapse of …. Citroen/DS? Among foreign car manufacturer PSA will most likely be the hardest hit since the remarkable rise of the local (Chinese) brands. Wait! Silence! Do I hear “Je Maintiendrai”?? 😉

    1. Just read a French source (Les Echos) stating PSA’s CEO Carlos Tavares will take strong measures in China. He spoke at the Shanghai Motor Show. Too little too late? Hope not. The 2015 saleslevel (700k) will be out of reach for quite a while, unless a “miracle” happens.

      1. Very interesting. C5 Aircross, DS7 and 5008 arrive late compared to its competition but will help reaching +750k in 2018

      2. Tribuya: By the time the great looking C5 Aircross and the classy DS7 will join the funky 3008, another 20 or 30 new cross-overs will have hit the Chinese market. The pie has to be divided by many.

        On top of that, have you seen how many CO’s/SUV’s have been introduced in Shanghai the last couple of days? Anyone with an open mind can already chose from 40 or so competing models in the C segment alone. Truly a tsunami of fresh metal. Never seen this before.

        Less than a decade ago, releasing a new model would take the manufacturer 5 years from inception to introduction. These days, if you blink twice, a new Benz, Baojun, Bimmer, Geely, VW or Great Wall hits the showroom. Amazing times. By the time the next crisis occurs, many brands will be in trouble. Enormous oversupply.

      3. I can’t help feeling optimistic about Citroën, not so regarding DS, both in UE and China. The C5 Aircross looks fantastic, the interior is sublime!!

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