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Ukraine Full Year 2016: Kia Sportage takes the lead in recovering market

The Kia Sportage is the best-selling vehicle in Ukraine in 2016.

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Hit full frontal by the impact of the Crimean crisis, the Ukrainian new car marker tumbled down 54% in 2014 and another 52% in 2015. The haemorrhage has stopped in 2016 with deliveries back up 41% to 65.731. The five best-selling brands frankly beat the market this year, led by Toyota up 56% to remain #1, Renault up 52%, Volkswagen up 118%, Skoda up 91% and Kia up 98%. Reversely, Ford (+38%), Nissan (+30%) and Hyundai (+33%) lose share while homegrown ZAZ drops 4% from #3 to #10. Luxury brands are having the time of their life: BMW surges 70% to break into the Top 10 at #9, Mercedes does even better at +102% to #1, Audi is up 74% to #14, Lexus up 141%, Volvo up 83% and Jaguar up 248%. Notice also Lada up 53%, Seat up 142%, Opel up 149% and MG up 537%. The big disappointment this year comes from Chinese Geely, going from #2 in 2014 to #12 in 2015 and now down an abysmal 71% to #24.

The VW Jetta leaps from #145 last year to #6 in Ukraine. 

The models ranking is turned upside down in Ukraine this year. Snapping the pole position for the first time is the Kia Sportage with sales up 3-fold on 2015 thanks to the new generation at 2.736, knocking last year’s leader, the Renault Logan, to #2. The Renault Duster (+119%) rounds up the podium ahead of the Skoda Octavia (+123%), Toyota RAV4 (+149%) and the VW Jetta up an incredible 32-fold on a year ago, going from 59 sales and #145 to 1.895 and 6th… The Toyota Corolla (+82%), Ford Fiesta (+87%) and VW Polo (+158%) also frankly beat the market inside eh Top 10. Uncontested leader at home no later than in 2014, the ZAZ Sens crumbles down 9 spots to #11 this year while its twin the Lanos is down 32 to #36. The Hyundai Tucson surges to #12 for its first full year of sales, the Lada 4×4 (aka Niva) is up 6 ranks to #13, the Suzuki Vitara up 228% to #16 and the Mercedes GLE up 312% to #17. The Mercedes GLS (#49), Renault Captur (#50), Ravon R2 (#65) and Renault Kadjar (#110) are the most popular all-new nameplates for 2016.

The Mercedes GLS is the best-selling all-new nameplate for 2016. 

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