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UK nations January 2017: Astra #1 in Scotland for 1st time this decade

The Vauxhall Astra ranks #1 in Scotland for the first time this decade.

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After the overall UK Top 10 and thanks to SMMT we can now share with you the Top 10 best-sellers for each UK nation in January. Keep in mind this is only a zoom in by nation, all sales figures are already included in the UK update. Once again England is solely responsible for the 2.9% gain across the UK with registrations up 3.3% to 149.482, representing 85.9% of all sales. In contrast, Wales (+0.9% to 5.641) and Scotland (+0.5% to 12.842) only edge up year-on-year while Northern Ireland drops 0.9% to 6.134. Even though the Ford Fiesta is comfortably in the lead of the overall sales charts, the picture is quite different when looking at each nation and the Fiesta only tops its two surefire nations: England and Wales. The VW Golf, #2 overall, is king in Northern Ireland while the Vauxhall Astra posts the surprise of the month with a Nb. 1 spot in Scotland, the first time it ranks that high here since BSCB has started following each nation separately at the start of the decade.

The Dacia Sandero ranks 4th in Scotland and 5th in Wales. 

As is traditionally the case, the interesting developments happen in the smaller market of the union, with the English ranking only offering the Nissan Juke above the Vauxhall Astra at #5 as its only change from the overall UK charts. In Scotland, the Dacia Sandero builds on the 2nd place it held last October and its 3rd spot from December to lodge a stellar 4th place, also ranking 5th in Wales. The Vauxhall Mokka X breaks into the Welsh monthly Top 10 for the first time at #8, and for the second time after last October in Scotland at #10. The Mercedes C-Class, UK hero of the month at a record-breaking 4th place, also posts its 2nd Top 10 ranking this decade in Scotland at #9 alongside the #10 it hit back in February 2015. The Hyundai Tucson, already #3 in Northern Ireland both this month and over the FY2016, points its bonnet among Wales’ 10 favourites for the first time in January at #9, and finally the VW Tiguan does the same in Northern Ireland at #10.

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Full January 2017 Top 10 models for each nation below.

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