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South Africa Full Year 2016: Toyota Hilux sovereign in market down 11%

toyota-hilux-south-africa-2016The Toyota Hilux is #1 in South Africa for the 4th year in a row. 

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As predicted by local association of manufacturers NAAMSA last year, 2016 is the second consecutive year of decline for new vehicle sales in South Africa, dipping below 600.000 annual units for the first time since 2011. The drop is much harsher than forecast though at -11% to 547.442 units. Passenger cars drop 12% to 361.273, light commercial vehicles decline 9% to 159.128 and medium/heavy commercials skid 19% to 8.447. As was already the case in 2015, the only ray of sunlight comes from exports, up 3% year-on-year to 344.822. Toyota remains the most popular manufacturer in the country, losing less ground than the market at -5% for an improved 21.4% share. It distances the Volkswagen Group (-12%), Ford (-6%), Hyundai-Kia (-9%) in an unchanged Top 4 vs. 2015 whereas Nissan (-14%) overtakes General Motors/Isuzu (-30%) for 5th overall. Mazda (+31%) posts a spectacular gain to break into the Top 10, with Mahindra (+8%), Iveco (+13%), FAW Trucks (+1%) and Maserati (+133%) also in positive.

renault-kwid-south-africa-november-2016-picture-courtesy-cars-co-zaThe Renault Kwid ranked #12 in December. 

Model-wise, the Toyota Hilux holds onto the pole position for the fourth consecutive year, improving its market share to 6.5% thanks to deliveries down just 1%. It even widens the gap with its archenemy the Ford Ranger down 4% to 5.9% of the market. The VW Polo Vivo (-7%), Polo (-8%) and Toyota Corolla (-30%) complete a Top 5 unchanged on 2015. The Toyota Quantum (+26%) is up 6 spots to a splendid 6th place, the Ford Fiesta is up 17% to #11, the Toyota Fortuner up 32% to #13, the Kia Picanto up 64% to #176 and the Hyundai i10 up 33% to #25. The Hyundai Tucson (#41) and Mercedes GLC (#67) are the most popular all-new nameplates for 2016 but a tiny French entry may reshuffle the Top 10 in 2017: emboldened by its tremendous success in India, the Renault Kwid landed directly at #18 in November and climbed to #12 in December…

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