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Netherlands Full Year 2016: VW Golf holds off Renault Clio by 50 sales

VW Golf Netherlands 2016The VW Golf is the best-selling model in the Netherlands in 2016. 

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Now that the tax cuts regime for low-emission vehicles that had distorted the Dutch market for the past three years has all but been abolished, registrations are in freefall at -15% to just 382.825 units this year. Volkswagen remains in the lead of the brands ranking despite a 22% drop to 43.819 sales and 11.4% while Renault (-0.6%) gains one spot to #2. Opel surges 28% thanks to the new Astra up 182% to #4 and leaps onto the podium with 8.5% share vs. 5.7% a year ago. Peugeot implodes at -43% to #4, ahead of Ford (-15%), BMW (-5%), Kia (-2%) and Toyota (-22%). Mercedes (+0.4%) and Skoda (+3%) break into the Top 10 thanks to sales on the up. Further down, Mini (+18%), Tesla (+38%), Jaguar (+31%), Honda (+32%), Ferrari (+48%), Rolls Royce (+100%) and Infiniti (+151%) impress with gigantic gains in a declining market.

Opel Astra Netherlands 2016. Picture courtesy autobild.deThe Opel Astra shoots up 182% to 4th place overall. 

It was a race to the finish line in the models ranking, with the Renault Clio snapping the YTD top spot in November but the VW Golf edging past for just 50 units at year end: 10.780 (-40%) vs. 10.730 sales (-37%). This is only the 4th time the Golf ever leads the Dutch sales charts, the previous times were in 20012009 and 2014. The VW Polo (-18%) also struggles but gains one spot to land on the podium. The Peugeot 308, leader in 2015, is down 83% to #22 while, as described above, the Opel Astra makes its grand return inside the Dutch Top 5 at #4. The Peugeot 108 (+9%) and Renault Captur (+2%) are the only other nameplates to gain ground in the Top 10. Further down, the Opel Karl is up 142% to end its first full year at a splendid #12. The Hyundai i10 (+23%), Peugeot 2008 (+55%), BMW 3 Series (+34%), Renault Mégane (+92%) and Kadjar (+220%) also make themselves noticed.

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